DIY Mini Must Have Kit for your handbag

If you have been by the travel size section in your store,
 you have probably come across small cases of cotton swabs.

These little plastic cases have so many uses, and I chose to use
one for a mini must have kit to toss in my handbag.

This is a simple project that took very little time to do and is rather inexpensive,
so it is a win-win. Gotta love those kind of projects. 

To make my mini kit I removed the cotton swabs and put them elsewhere, and
removed the product label sticker.
Then I decided to make a new decorative label to step it up a notch. 

I used some adhesive vinyl in a darker pink and layered the design over turquoise.
(I used my Silhouette Portrait to cut out my design)

Then I just gathered the small items I wanted to use in my "kit" and filled it up.

The items I chose to put in my "Mini Kit:"

- Nail Clippers
- Bandage
- Cough Drop
- Mints
- Tweezers
- Small Nail File
- Ponytail Holder
- Tiny hair clips
- Bobby Pin
- Hand Sanitizer wipes
- Perfume (sample size)

Even though this container is quite small, you can really fit all sorts of things in here.
In fact I have another one with loose change in it that I keep in the console of my vehicle,
and they also work well for ear buds/charger cord, etc.

If you can't find them in the travel size section of your store I did see they are
available online Here.    

There are probably some other fun containers that could be used as well, I just
really like this one..  I like that it is transparent and I can see what is in it,
plus it comes in pink.  Lol.

I like having these items in a small container that doesn't take up much space,
so they aren't just floating about in my bag.
I definitely try to keep my purse as organized as possible.. which doesn't always
happen, but I do change my bags out fairly often so they usually
don't get a chance to get tooo bad. :0)

How about you, what kind of must have's would you put in your mini sized kit?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

For all those in the path of Hurricane Florence,  you are in my thoughts and prayers.
God bless you and yours.    
            - TinaH

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