My Rustic Wood Decorative Fence

If you follow my blog you have probably seen me talk about my rustic fencing that my
husband and I made this year.
I thought I would share a few photo's of how it is looking today
and just a little bit more about this rustic wood fence of ours.

I have done a lot of yard projects this year and one project I wanted to do
was put up a rustic fence.

After deciding to tackle this project, we started by figuring out a general idea
of how many posts that we would need.
Then we started the task of cutting and gathering the fence posts.
A lot of posts.

We chose to use hedge in hopes it will last some time,
and we also had access to it.
(due to some tree's in our pasture that had fell during a past storm etc., as well 
a neighbor having an area of a pasture cleared)

After a couple days or so, and a few sore muscles,
We were finished and here it is in all it's rustic beauty.

As you can see some of the posts are a little gnarly.
Which adds to the fun look of it in my opinion.

I knew that I planned to place some hanging baskets
at every other fence section, so I tried to use some of the more straight looking
posts where the baskets would be eventually going.
Thinking ahead ya'll, Lol.

Although I think I still ended up going through extra posts and
changing one or two out before I considered it ready for planters.

I had actually made some hanging planters to try out using rolled wire,
and they worked out great but they were not very deep so they needed to be
watered alot.. which was impractical as I have to use watering cans in this area.
So I decided to look for something different and moved those up by the deck.

I found these hanging planters online and went ahead and ordered them.
They were inexpensive, and held more soil so I thought they were worth a try.
Before putting the soil in I also placed some cheap kitchen sponges in the bottom
of each planter to help hold moisture in a little longer.

I do not have to water nearly as often, and the flowers have done
very well and they add such a fun pop of color.

(at last check these hanging baskets were under $9.00 each with the liners!
 If interested you can find them HERE)

I am loving this gnarly,  rustic fence. 

I have also placed solar lights along every other upright post, and
added a few other "bucket" planters. ( buckets that I converted into planters )

So fun.

I am debating leaving these flowers a little longer or going ahead and
changing them up for the Fall season.
I am thinking I may go ahead and let these be for now as they are still
looking so good. (this fertilizer has done them well!)   

I do have fall decor, pumpkins, and mums in several other area's of the yard,
so it is definitely looking like fall around here whether I change these up or not.
But I am seriously already thinking ahead to what my plans are for
Christmas decorating. Lol.

(anyone else? or does that make ya cringe? Lol)

- TinaH

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