Garden Tour

I thought I would share some fun photo's from around my yard today,
how about somewhat of a 2018 Garden Tour.

I was going to get more photo's but it has been raining a lot, so I may end up making
this part 1 and have a part 2 later or update this post with more pictures soon.

Here is a view of my back deck.

It is decorated for the fall season with lots of fun color.

I am such a fan of purple fountain grass!

I love this spot in my garden with my mega rock.
This space was actually bare, and I talked my husband into using a tractor and
moving this large boulder here. :0)
We were able to get it just how I wanted it  to look,
and this spot seems to get a little bigger each year. 
I have some plans for this spot as the iris and mums have kind of taken over the right side
but I still love it even though it needs a slight overhaul.

Love this color combo in this spot.
Zinnia's are so simple and they last and last here.. definitely a go to plant in my garden.

I am definitely looking for this plant again next year, (supertunia pink star charm)
it has done wonderfully and is such a stunner.

If you follow my blog, you know I am loving my rustic fence we put up this year.

My new clematis is still going strong!
So pretty.

This is one of my favorite views from the yard, and most of this I actually added
to the yard this year.

I planted a lot of tree's and shrubs that I am excited to see grow! 

From several maple tree's, to blue spruce, pink flowering dogwood,
flowering pear, a hedge of boxwood, a corkscrew willow tree and more!
I am sooo looking forward to them getting bigger and bigger!

I am making it a point to take several photo's around the yard so I can see the progress they
all make next year and also to use as a garden diary so to speak so I can see what plants
were where and what I want to change or add to next year!

Gardening is so much fun!

- TinaH

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