Current Makeup Faves Routine Before and After

I enjoy seeing what other ladies like in their beauty arsenal and what
their current favorite beauty products are so I thought I would share my
current faves of choice, a little bit about my routine, and go ahead and
toss in a before makeup and after makeup pic as well as 'outfit of the day'.

So Just a FYI, this post is a long one and has a lot of photo's.

My morning routine starts with coffee. (Keto style)
and more coffee.

Then I put on a stretchy headband to get my hair out of the way,
and wash my face with this cleanser by philosophy, and then I am
ready to get the day started.

I am 42 years young 😉 ya'll,
and my routine has certainly changed over the years.

Fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation..
Let's just say Skin care is more important to me now.

I am usually up for trying new products, however I tend to read reviews
when it comes to skin care before actually purchasing it to try.
(makeup not as much)

So shout out to all ya'll that take time to write those reviews!👏

I had received a sample size of argan oil a while back, and just got around to trying it
a month or so ago.  I used it a few times and after reading reviews decided to
try these products as my moisturizer.   They are all by Josie Maran.
I have been using them for around 3 weeks now and so far I like them.

I'd say my favorite of the 3 is the whipped argan oil face butter,  I especially like
it at night.  I bought the vanilla scent, but I think it came in unscented as well.

My skin usually becomes pretty dry going into the winter season so we will see how this trio
works out, but so far so good.

On to the makeup..

I have a few different foundations that I would consider my favorites.
I guess I could say it depends on my mood or what I will be doing that day as to what
I choose to wear, but I would say these 2 are my usual go to's.
(MAC studio fix or IT cosmetics CC+ cream)

I tend to use the higher SPF if I know I am going to be outdoors a lot for the day.

I also have a few go to concealers..

Concealer is seriously a girls best friend in the world of makeup. Am I right?

Those 2 are definitely some of my favorites,
Although I also use this one by It cosmetics just as often as well and really like it too.

My current bronzer fave's would be these two.
The butter bronzer has been a favorite for quite a while, smells so good!
I recently tried the hoola benefit bronzer, and I really like it as well.

Eyeshadow isn't something I would say I necessarily have a favorite of but this one
by Too Faced,  would certainly be at the top of the list if I did.
It has a peach scent which is fun, but really the colors are what I like about it, and they
blend easily in my opinion.

Eyeliner is one thing I tend to save $ on, and I usually choose Nyx or
other inexpensive drugstore brands.

For my eyelash primer, I choose this one by loreal. (inexpensive option)

Mascara is really an entire subject on it's own.. I have a drawer full, not kidding.
I like this one  (inexpensive option) but I would say this one by too faced is my definite favorite,
I really like the brush on it the best.

I use eyelash primer and then follow up using both of those mascara's just about
every day.
I like to use a different mascara for each coat that I put on, just what I like to do.

For translucent powder this one is the best in my opinion,
especially for setting my concealer.
It is very fine and doesn't settle in my fine lines and wrinkles. (total winner!)

Favorite brow pencils are these 2 hands down.
Each has a retractable pencil on one end, and spooly on the other.
The Anastasia has a finer tip pencil which I really like.

I couldn't choose a favorite lip product,
I have several I like and never really choose the same one over and over enough to say
that it is a favorite.   I like inexpensive brands to the more expensive ones.   I tend to
go more neutral in my color choices for the most part.

Makeup Brushes are a great thing to have several of.

My favorite brush for foundation is the sigma F80 flat kabuki.. a must have in my
vanity.  Love it.

I recently picked up the It cosmetics all over facial brush, and if you like a big fluffy
super soft brush.. then this is a good one!

My favorite inexpensive brushes would be by Real Techniques,  I use brushes from
this set every single day.

In fact I just got a new set from my 'overflow drawer' and opened it up so I 
have extra brushes ready to go.  (bonus: it came with a brush holder)

(My overflow drawer as I call it, is basically where I keep extra's.. 
when I am really happy with something, 
 I tend to purchase an extra so I always have it on hand or if there is
a sale of buy one get one etc., I keep them all in one spot so I can see
what I do have)

The larger of the 4 brushes I use for powder, blush, or bronzer.
The more tapered brush is great for highlight, blush, or bronzer.
The tiny tapered brush is the perfect size for concealer along the brow bone, or
to brighten the inside corner of the eye.
The flat skinny brush is a good one for contouring.

Just a nice addition overall in my opinion, my old set has held up great so
I am hopeful the new ones do as well.

And because we all like before and after pictures,
Here is my pretty much everyday " before to the after "

( no makeup with wakeup hair / makeup with wakeup hair / makeup with hair flat ironed)

And just because.. I am tossing in a outfit of the day.


I am such a fan of olive green. 😉

I will share the makeup details below with pictures that are the links to some of the products
below to make it easier for you to check them out further if you would like.
(*affiliate links)

Current Beauty Fave's:

What are your current makeup favorites? Favorite brush? Favorite concealer?
If you like this post be sure to follow me and if you'd like to see more details
on how I do my makeup or concealer or full face.. just let me know.

- TinaH

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