Why I chose Keto and 1.5 months later

I have always liked healthier foods but admit that I had quite a sugar tooth as well.
I had already given up a lot of sugar items, in fact my serious about soda habit I gave up a
long time ago, but there are so many other things that would somehow come
home with me from the store that I just didn't need to be buying.

I am the type that can eat one cookie or a couple chips and I am good.
However it was just too easy to buy those things and reach for one here and there
too many times throughout the day when wanting a snack instead of reaching
for something else.

(Stress eating would be another story.. 
bag of chips or box of crackers etc. and sitting in front of the tv.. anyone else?)

There are a lot of factors that went in my decision to choose Keto.
Family health history,  knowing I was reaching for sugar too often (caramel latte's
and caramel syrup to make them at home at any given time.. anyone? Lol)
mostly just wanting to make healthier choices which led to research on Keto.

I didn't actually base my decision to choose Keto for losing weight but certainly
didn't mind that part of it. Lol.
Since starting I have lost 10 lbs and have pretty much reached
my goal weight, and I am certainly good with that! :0)

My main reasoning was to give myself a push in being more deliberate with my
decisions as to what I eat,  to pay more attention to it, cut out sugar,
and hopefully as a result of being more deliberate with my choices it would lead
me to be more motivated to also exercise on a regular basis.

I recently had a health check up (blood work etc.)
and in talking with my nurse, I asked her about Keto and what she thought.
We talked about it a while (she was actually on Keto) and she gave me some pointers.
I appreciate her taking the time to discuss her thoughts with me.

I had already read about it, and actually had done it previously with
success, but I didn't really do it as healthy as I could have and I didn't stick to it.

Personally I feel like there is a healthy way to the Keto woe, and then several
variations of it.
I want to do it as healthy as I can, and I am certainly more motivated this time.

You have probably noticed I call it keto way of eating..
I don't really call it a diet, I feel like there is a lot of stigma attached to the
word diet.   I am not really trying to lose anymore weight, basically
I am working on maintaining my weight, making better choices towards
a healthier lifestyle overall, and getting fit/toned is certainly a goal I have set
for myself.

So there are the basics of why I have chose Keto.
I decided to share that only because I have posted a few things mentioning
Keto and I am sure will be more along the way.  I am not endorsing it, and
I am no expert.. just sharing what I personally made the choice to do and a
little about my journey.
Will I do it long term?  I feel like if I set goals then it is easier to stick
to something, and I am determined to keep choosing Keto for a specific time
frame and then I will reevaluate at that time.  
Setting goals is a great motivator.. I find if I set them on a more realistic level such as
doing this for 3 mos. or 6 mos. vs I am doing this forever..  and giving myself Grace
along the way, is certainly more motivating and attainable.


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