Stocking Stuffers for the Furbabies

While we like to stuff the stockings for Christmas for our family,
we also have a Stocking for our fur babies to enjoy so I decided to share
a few idea's for the fur family members.

If you don't already have a stocking, I ran across these paw shaped stockings.
So cute.

For the puppy dogs
A new pet bed is a fun gift idea:


My little Gracie likes her blanket as well, and these look adorable. (come in pink or blue)

For the stockings, toys are always included..

(the kind of toys that you place an empty water bottle inside are a hit at my house)

Crinkle Toys are a fun one:


Squeaker Toys (no stuffing) :0)

Rope Toys

Treats are a fun addition, whether they are homemade or purchased.


For the Kitties:
They like their toys too.

This set of toys looks like a fun mix. 
(has good reviews as well)


Cute cat bed idea's:                        

Another fun item might be a toy box to contain all their fun toys!


I am thinking I need to pick up one of those striped totes to corral all the toys..
so cute!

A few other idea's might be:

- shampoo / conditioner
- sweater
- hair bows for the longer haired fur babies
- new collar / harness
- new leash
- new dishes
- treat jar

So what are your favorite gifts to give for your fur family?

- TinaH

(*please note these are idea's that I would purchase for our personal fur family,
 each pet is different and it is up to you to determine what items are appropriate for your pets)

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