Budget Friendly Organization Finds - office

Since I have been in organization, declutter mode and looking at different
items to make just make life easier I thought I would put together a
budget friendly version of some organizational products that I have come
across in my search.

(this post is not sponsored, 
just sharing things I like/use, (*affiliate links) and all opinions are my own)

So here we go..

I am going to start with photo's.
(Not necessarily always kept in an office space.) 

We have so many photo's, which I am actually going through, sorting, purging,
and organizing now.
The living room is a photograph full on disaster as I type.. :0)

There are inexpensive photo boxes that you can pick up at most craft stores
which are sturdy and they do hold a lot of photo's.
(I linked them below however I actually found them on sale at Michaels for $2.00) 

I also found these fancier hard cases like the second one which are higher in cost,
however I do like the idea of them to organize photo's even more and I may use
those in the future.
For now however, I went inexpensive and I think I will like how the craft paper
boxes will look on my shelf a little more than the plastic ones.  
We will see.
(that is all subject to change) :0)  


Label Maker: 

 I enjoy having a label maker for organizing my home,
the one below is similar to mine that I have had for years. 

However you could just as easily use stickers and a marker, post it's, washi tape,
chalkboard labels, etc. for a less expensive option.


It is nice to see a label at a glance, to know exactly what is in the photo box, or the file,
or the storage container etc. without having to actually get it off the shelf or out of
the file cabinet or whatever the case may be and look to see.

Organizing the desk:

There are so many kinds of dividers and trays that you can put to good use
in your desk drawers.
All kinds of price ranges, colors as well as sizes to fit your needs.

Dollar stores are a good place to check for these, and for a no cost
solution you could easily make your own by using empty boxes,
and decorating them for a fun touch.
(example: cutting down a cereal box to fit, or using an empty velveeta box etc.)

I have a simple black organizer similar to the one below, but I am eyeing the clear set.
Thinking decorative paper in the bottom of the drawers and clear dividers would be
a nice touch. Hmm.. wheels turning..


I like to try to keep the top of my desk fairly clear but I do have a file organizer in place.
I have one similar to the black one below, but isn't that rose gold one fun?  


You could also simply use folders inside an inexpensive binder for an even less expensive option
and it would take up very little space as well.

While I do try to keep the top of my desk fairly clear,  I do choose to
keep a few pretty items on my desk.
Fun colors, and yep I'll just say it.. they spark joy. Lol.

A fun notebook, a cute coffee mug that I simply decorated with sharpies holds
ink pens and highlighters within easy reach, and of course this cute little crock by Pioneer
Woman that I picked up.

It holds mints & sugar free treats inside. 😉

I also have my coffee mug warmer on my desk.. it was a gift at Christmas and I have
been enjoying it, works great.. just have to remember to turn it off each time. 

There are so many fun organizational items for the office,
what are some of your favorites?


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