My first Grove Co. Order (cleaning video)

After some thought I decided to place an order with this company. (grove co.)
The products they carry are suppose to be all natural and I certainly like the idea of 
less chemicals being introduced into my home.

Another reason I decided to order is that I also have extremely dry skin on my hands 
throughout the winter months and I am hopeful the all natural products will be
a lot less harsh on them. (to be determined) :0)

I know a lot of these brands are actually familiar and that they are available to purchase
in stores etc.  However, I have not found them locally so this seemed like a really good 
option for me.
Plus when I was looking online at their site I saw that they are having a special that
if you spend 20 dollars on your first order you actually get several items for free, so that was quite an 
incentive to me to give this company and some of the products a try.

The items arrived quickly, and I was pleased with how they were
packaged.  Everything had been taped shut, and the items were securely placed
inside the box with plenty of paper to keep them in place. 

I really like the scents that I chose and so far I have liked everything that I have
I was very happy that after cleaning with the multi-surface spray
there was a light lemon scent and not a chemical cleaner smell that would previously 
have been the case. 
(Just in case you are wondering I chose lemon verbena in the multi-surface spray.)

I decided to put together a short video to show exactly what I got in my order 
as well as a little snippet of my kitchen cleaning routine and trying a couple 
of the products out.
I was having a lounging around kind of day.. hence the wardrobe :0)

(If you'd like to see more video's please post a quick comment to let me know)

The company will automatically send the items I choose to purchase every so often
so that I do not run out of my favorite items, but I can change the items that I want
as well as the ship dates, or I can choose to cancel at anytime as well.
         (It kind of reminds me of subscribe and save if you are familiar with that)

I will probably do a little price checking before I make up my mind but
so far I am definitely very happy with it all and I plan to order from them again
 I would like to try out the laundry soap and a few other items that I saw.

(photo above is of the items I received for free with my first order)

If you'd like to check these items/company out further 
for yourself here is
 a *link to their site:   --->>>  Grove Collaborative. <<<---

This post is not sponsored, 
I am simply sharing items that I personally chose to order 
for my own home and
my personal opinion of them.
(all opinions are my own)

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