Spring Cleaning So it Begins (video)

I am in spring cleaning mode and ready to tackle the "stuff" that we have
accumulated over the years.

I am also quite ready for spring for that matter, and ready for all the outdoor
projects that I want to work on.. but I will settle with getting the indoors
in order for now and when the nicer weather rolls around I will be
able to spend even more time outdoors.

I am ready to declutter, purge, clean it out, organize it, let go of, and basically
have less NOISE from all the stuff that has kind of taken over around here.
We need a little breathing room on our shelves, in our cabinets, closets, and
so on.

Aaaah.. deep breath and let's do this.

Spring Cleaning Adventure take 1..

Tackling my dresser drawers.

My dresser drawers are usually organized fairly well, but it was time for a refresh.
They were getting way too crammed with stuff..   ya know if the drawers are
giving you fits opening and shutting them then it is time for a overhaul of sorts.

I took the items out of the drawers, went through them, got rid of a few things
and then folded them and placed the keep items back into the drawers vertically.

Going through my clothes is always a bit of an eye opener.

When I decide to go through my clothing the process that works for me is that
I always empty the closet or dresser and put all the items in a pile.
All of them.
The eye opener is seeing the amount of stuff I own in one place which makes it
a lot easier to get rid of things,
and I usually find something I had pretty much forgot about.

I find if I go through items individually in my closet for example, I am more likely
to justify keeping an item for some reason or another.. but if I am seeing the pile o'
stuff - it is easier to just let it go. 😉

This time around I actually found a couple things that had tags on them that I
didn't realize were even in my closet.. well, that was a major eye opener.
Obviously I didn't really need the items,  however now I can put them to good use.

Placing the items in my drawers vertically really is a space saver and makes everything easily accessible.   I like that I can see what I have and where a certain item is at a glance. 
No digging or fumbling through clothes to find what I am looking for.

I always place like items together as well.  
Such as Jeans/Jeggings in one drawer,  Capri's/Athletic capri's in another, and so on.

It just makes life easier that way.
It truly is the little things.

 Personally I find that the stress factor is higher if I am seeing a lot of
stuff everywhere and honestly it has kind of gotten away from me the last few months so I am
working on tackling projects to get everything back in order, but I am also trying to make
myself get rid of stuff!

This will be a process, some things are just easier than others to let go of.
However, I am determined!

I chose to make a short video of my Spring Cleaning Adventure take 1.. if you are so
inclined to check it out.
Total amateur here, but I enjoy seeing video's and hope to do more as I get
better at it.. but ya gotta start somewhere, so please be kind. Lol.  :0)

So how about you? Are you in spring cleaning mode yet?


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