Keto Pancakes or Waffles Recipe

There are a few things I miss while eating Keto/Low carb,
but can usually find a pretty good substitute for a lot of them.

However, pancakes... I had not found one I liked.
(or even close to liking)

So many keto recipe's use coconut flour and..
well, I will just say that is a no for me. (texture/taste, etc)

I usually change recipes and experiment using other ingredients and this flour instead.
(It is finely ground, and has the best texture that I have found in an almond flour)

Well, one of my sisters had sent a recipe to me for a breakfast french toast that she had tried
that had a couple steps and you cook in the microwave.

I decided to tweak the recipe and try
to just cook the batter like a pancake instead of using the microwave to see what happened.

It was fairly quick to put it all together, and I was pleasantly surprised that they
certainly look like pancakes.

Now I am not saying this is going to taste anything like a traditional flour pancake or eggo waffle..
but out of all the recipe's I have tried.. and yes, I have thrown a few "pancakes" in
the garbage.. this one actually made it to my keto/low carb breakfast list.  
Sometimes you want something besides eggs for breakfast. 😉

So of course I had to see if it would work for waffles as well.

I was hoping I could make a larger batch of waffles, freeze them, and just pop them in the
toaster in the morning if I am in a hurry.

It worked perfectly!

I like to top them with a small amount of organic peanut butter,
and a just a little low carb maple syrup.
  (a little goes a long way IMO)


I just mix all the ingredients together with a fork, and use a little avocado oil in the pan
that I am cooking on.

Makes approx 5 pancakes.

I like to top mine with a little organic peanut butter, and a very small amount of this
low carb/sugar free syrup.

 I am certainly not a nutritionist by any means, and I personally 
keep track of my macro's using the MyFitnessPal app.

According to MyFitnessPal app, 
each of these pancakes (plain-no toppings) 
is: 2.2 carbs / or 1.3 Net Carbs if you subtract fiber.
115 calories, 10.4 g fat, 4 g protein

(of course these numbers will vary depending on the ingredients used etc.)

I also went ahead and made a quick video of making these pancakes
if you'd like to check it out:


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