Save Vs Splurge Valentines Day Gifts

In thinking about the upcoming Valentines Day holiday, and planning
what I am going to do for my family,   I thought it would be fun to put together
a Save Vs. Splurge gift list and do some fun comparisons.

(*prices quoted were prices at the time I put this post together and could
change at any time)

    Save                Vs.              Splurge


                           approx. $8                                 vs.                        approx. $39

                                     approx. $15                   vs.                      approx. $50

How about instead of a card, surprise them with a message on a
trendy letter board.. so fun!


                         approx.  $16                                  vs.                     approx.  $30

Fun New Coffee Mug to start each day off with

                           approx. $13                               vs.                       approx. $20

Wireless Over the Ear Headphones
(okay, so these aren't necessarily what you think of as a valentines day gift, however..
I wouldn't mind getting them.. 😉 lol)


                          under $40                                 vs.                                     $230

There are soooo many options, but I think the double heart is a fun one and here
are a couple I came across while searching


                         under $30                                    vs.                          approx. $70

Flowers are a good choice, but how about this fun chocolate rose?
                                                                   approx. $15

Having a date night could also fall into a save vs. splurge.
Planning a special meal to cook at home or a movie night at home
vs. going out.

I usually put together a box of items for our kids consisting of all sorts of things.
Now that our kids are older and cooking for themselves I plan to get several food items
for them. I know that is something they would enjoy receiving
besides getting some chocolate that is. :0)
I need to get my list finished on what I want to pick up.
I am still surprised by the fact that Valentines Day is less than a week away..
I mean, wasn't it just Christmas? 🤷

So, what are some of your favorite valentines day gifts?

Can I just say that I love flowers or a gift as much as the next girl, but
I do not think a gift has to be extravagant or over the top expensive to
show someone you care about them.
I honestly love a handmade card or handwritten note,
those are some of my favorite things to receive.

It's the little things.. (sometimes they really are the big things. 😉)

Have a great weekend.

- TinaH

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