My Budget Friendly Wooden Crate DIY Shelf for the guest bathroom

Our guest bathroom is probably pretty typical and on the smaller side.
I was wanting a new option for a shelf to put a few decorative items
on as well as keep some towels on.

I searched online but most shelving options I found were too deep and
I knew they would just stick out too far into the space, or just
to big overall for my liking.

I had came across the wooden crates while shopping around,
and I stacked a couple of them in the store to  get a visual of the size,
and after contemplating that option a few days.
I chose to go back and get them.

I placed them in the bathroom to see how they would work and if they would
function for what I wanted and after I decided they would, I started searching
for some wood feet for my soon to be shelf.

After the wooden bun feet arrived, I got to work on my rustic little
crate shelf.

I started by using Gorilla glue to glue the crates together.
Then I chose to also glue the wooden feet on as well.

I placed some cookbooks on top of the crates to just add a little pressure
to keep them in place while they dried.

When it was ready, I flipped it over and started painting.
I chose to use a basic white.

After the paint had dried,  I placed it in the space and I think it works
perfectly for what I was wanting.

I plan to pick up some new towels as well so I dug out a variety 
and was trying different towel combo's on it.


Ultimately I think that I have decided to go with a
combination of turquoise, a lighter blue shade, and mint so those
are the colors I will be picking up for this space.

I have picked up a couple that I am happy with, so I will be adding to those
and moving the mismatch ones elsewhere.

The cost for this project was just under $40.00 for the 2 wood crates as well as the bun feet
that I picked out.
(cost doesn't include the wood glue/paint)

I am loving it.. it fits in this space perfectly and adds a little extra storage as well as a fun
and unique piece that I can decorate as well.

(more details below)

- TinaH

Item Details:
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-Wooden Crates: (The ones I used were approx. 18" x 12.5" x 9.5" in size)
 (recommend picking them out in store, but also available here)

- Wooden Bun Feet I used found here

- Wood Glue found here

I made a vlog on this project as well if you'd like to see how I did it via video.
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