Organization Items Haul and Organizing My Laundry Room

I thought I would share some of the organizational items that I have picked up lately.
(and I also tackle organizing my Laundry room) 

I have been on the search for items for spring cleaning and organizing some area's
in our home.

I picked up some items from Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart,
and also ordered  a few things online from Amazon.

I found these bins at Dollar Tree, and I picked up 3 gray and 3 white.

I also picked up a set of 3 terra cotta pots while I was there, and this fun little glass jar.

At Walmart I purchased 2 wooden crates that I have a project in mind for.
(stay tuned) 

I picked up several bins in different sizes at Target,  they come in different colors
as well but I chose the white.

I ordered 2 more of the cabinet organizer racks online from Amazon,
love using these!

As well as this organizer for a hair dryer, hair tools, or misc. items.
It actually comes in different finishes and I am looking forward to using this
for my hair tools, I just have to decide where I am putting it. 

I was actually surprised how nice the quality of it is, it is really sturdy and I am
really glad I ordered it.

I decided to start on the Laundry room because I bought several bins for this room
in particular, I had been wanting to work on organizing this one for a while and finally
getting to it.

Here is the before picture:

There were a lot of items that were put here that really didn't need to be in this room.
Such as the ice cream maker. 😉

I started by clearing off the top shelf first and getting it in order.
Then I worked on the lower shelf.

I chose to use 4 larger size bins that I had picked up at Target, as well as 3 gray smaller bins
that I found at Dollar Tree.
I am hoping to get some more of the bins at Dollar tree as they fit perfectly on the smaller shelf
and I can think of several places these would work.

I cleared out several items from this room that could go elsewhere,
as well as downsized the decor a bit.
I was really surprised at how much stuff I was able to fit inside the bins, and I
am really happy with how it is looking.

I also chose to DIY a valance for the window using some Pioneer Woman cloth napkins
that I had on hand. (similar to how I made my kitchen valance)

What a difference a little time and a few inexpensive organizational items
made in this room!

I will probably change things a bit here and there, I am already thinking about
changing the basket/lantern but for now I am so happy with how it is turning
out and it looks so much better in this space.

- TinaH

Item details:
  • Cabinet Door Organizer Racks: Here 
  • Hair Dryer Cabinet Organizer: Here 
  • Laundry Room metal sign: Here or Here
  • Swiffer Duster starter kit: Here
  • Plastic bins (variety of sizes/colors): Here
  • Gray bins: purchased at Dollar Tree
  • Wood Crates: Here
Where I buy most of my natural cleaning products/laundry soap:   Here
(several free items with your first order)
I also made a video showing the items as well as organizing my laundry room:
Check it out HERE

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