My New Raised Garden Beds

I finally got around to working on my raised garden beds this year 
and I am so excited about it, I have been wanting to do this project
for a while so I am glad to have it checked off my extensive to do
project list.

I chose a spot in our backyard behind my shed, leaving plenty of space in between for a
greenhouse was my thinking behind the placement.   Plus it is where we had our in ground
garden previous years and just a good sunny spot.

Due to thinking I want a greenhouse eventually I ended up choosing to make
a smaller garden area with 4 raised beds.

This spot is approx. 16' x 16' and I chose to make my beds 4' x 3' in size which I felt like
was a good manageable size.

I also chose to dig out all the grass/weeds and put down professional landscape fabric and
then mulch the entire area.    I debated between rock or mulch, and ultimately chose to go
with mulch.
I chose to make raised beds because we have terrible crabgrass
and I didn't want to have to deal with it in my vegetable garden, so this way I can control
the soil that I use in my planting area, and control any weeds that show up much easier.
It also looks really pretty so win, win. :0)

I couldn't stop there though, could I?

I wanted a pretty decorative fence, and I chose to go with a split rail.
So we went and picked up the lumber I wanted and I got to work.

It took me a couple weeks start to finish to do this project on my own.
There was a LOT of digging involved but I love how it is turning out.

I chose to leave 2 openings.
I am working on adding in a rock path to one of the openings that leads to a concrete patio,
and the other opening would be open to my future greenhouse space, so that was
my thought process behind my garden design.

I also chose to paint my fence white and love how it makes it really stand out.
I have a lot of plans to make this space even prettier, but wouldn't ya know
my plan has kind of took a turn for this area. :0)

I actually have a nice sized lean to area on the side of my shed that is nearby and I
am thinking about converting that space into a greenhouse instead of actually
building one from scratch.  It would have electric access and of course
since the structure is already there it would certainly be easier on the budget
so I am leaning towards doing that instead of building a freestanding greenhouse.
Plus it will free up a lot more space to expand my garden and make it a lot bigger.
Which is very appealing to me as well.

Here is a view of my garden space from quite a distance.. it gives a better idea of
the space available between the new garden area and my shed.

And here is an idea of what I am thinking.. 
I tried to explain it a little better in the photo below. :0)

I am making planting area's in the front of the garden space
on each side of the rock pathway.   
I am also thinking about putting some sort of hedge 
on the side towards the back of the yard.
Then I will have a lot of space on the other side to expand the size of the garden space
by at least double if not more. 

I already have my raised beds about full, so a bigger planting area is certainly making me want
to just convert the side of my shed so that I have a lot more space.   I can easily take down
that side of my fence and make this space much bigger. (with a lot more digging of course)
I am not sure if I will go ahead and tackle that this year or not because I actually have several
garden projects going on right now, but I really like the idea of being
able to expand my vegetable garden space and still be able to have a greenhouse as well.

Have you been tackling any projects in your yard?
I always have a project list a mile long for our yard..
but I love it. :0)

- TinaH

Item details:
landscape fabric I use found here
garden cloches: here

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