Current Garden Faves - Spring 2019

I thought I would put together a current Garden Fave's list to share with you for spring 2019
so let's get right to it.

These are items I own, items that I personally use in my garden,
and items that I consider extremely useful to have or
they are something that is high up on my wish list and I will tell you why.

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First up is this collapsible wagon/cart. 
(collapses to a small size for easy storage)

It comes in so handy.
We actually have a trailer that I hook to an atv for bigger projects but the majority
of my projects aren't always on the big side so this one works great.
I have this cart in the green color and I use it ALL the time.
I use it to haul my gardening tools,  soil amendments, fertilizer, plants,
mulch, potting soil, and all sorts of garden related items all around my garden.
I keep a plastic planter pot (that had a shrub in it at one point) in my cart as well,
I use it to toss in weeds/trimmings etc. when I am working in my flowerbeds.
The wagon is lightweight and I have used it for so many garden projects!

I would like to add to my garden cart options, and this is the one I have on my wish list!
It is a heavier duty type of cart, can hold a lot of weight (says up to 1200 lbs), can pull it with an ATV,  garden tractor, or by hand. 
The handle can be converted to a hitch to attach to something, or can turn it and just use the 
pull handle which is a really nice
feature, and the best part is the dump bed. Uh.. Yes, please. 
It is by gorilla carts and I think this is a great item to have around for gardening as well as a multitude of other yard projects.  Did I mention it has a dump bed? :o) 
Definitely a wish list item for me.

My adjustable rake is still one of my favorite garden tools.
I can easily adjust the tines to be smaller or wider and work in so many spaces.. a must have in
my opinion.

A garden trowel is another one of my most used and must have garden tools.
 I couldn't find the exact one I have but these look like good options.


Favorite Gardening Gloves? these!
They fit great,  have good grip ability for pulling weeds etc. just all around
as good as it gets in my opinion.  I just recently purchased this set of 4 to refresh 
my stash. :0)

I actually use several.. so this could be an entire post on it's own. Lol.
I use certain ones made for specific plants (acid loving etc.)
I also try to use mostly organic options. 
  (I only use organic in my vegetable garden area)
For the most part however these are the two that I use regularly and always have on

When I am planting a new plant I almost always use organic bio-tone starter fertilizer mixed
in the soil where I am planting to give the plant a great start and for a water soluble fertilizer, (picture below) this is one I use with my watering can.  
I use it pretty much once a week by just adding it to my watering can and
I have noticed such a difference in the performance of my flowers using these.   
I especially like keeping a schedule with the water soluble for hanging baskets and 
containers but I do use it in my flowerbeds as well.
I personally feel like the additional cost and bit of effort is worth it to add these in my
garden routine.    Plants can be expensive and they certainly add up when you 
purchase several, so I want to give them the best start that I can and I do strive to
be a good steward of their care because I enjoy it so much,
and so we can enjoy them in all their beauty. 


Another thing we added last year is a hose splitter.   
We actually moved a water hydrant last year that was just in a weird spot and I picked up one
of these splitters so we could have 2 hoses or one hose and have an extra spigot access as well.
So when a hose is hooked up, I can still easily fill up my watering cans at the hydrant.
It's the little things ya'll. :0)


Another must.. 
a place to keep plant information tags, and notebook for gardening notes. 

This may seem like an odd thing to be a must have, but I keep all of my plant tags in a designated container so that I can reference them whenever I want to.

So for an example if I want to plant a new shrub in a flowerbed that has a tree or shrub that has not reached it's full growth habit then I can check the plant tag to see just how big it is expected to get, and I can plant accordingly.   It would be really easy to just plant up
an area to fill up the space, however in a few years the plants could quite possibly outgrow their space that I allowed and overcrowd each other, and it could be a big ole mess which is something I want to avoid.   
Not all plants are easy to dig out or to dig/relocate for that matter.  
Lilac bushes for example. 😉

So as a quick tip if you have a empty space in a flowerbed due to planting shrubs/plants that are not at their full potential just yet but you would like to add something in that empty area planting annuals is a great option. 
They can temporarily fill the space, add lots of color, and they are usually less expensive than perennials as well. 

I feel like a notebook for notes is important to use as reference as well. 
I like to make notes of when I plant items in my vegetable garden
so if I have a question I can just look back, and also like to make note of 
the variety of what I planted.   (will be nice to look back on as well especially if we
want to repeat a certain thing)
I also have started making notes of what I would like to do in each area of 
the yard.  Sort of a wish list, or design idea's list for each space.   

Some of my other must haves would be pruners, water wand or some sort of garden hose attachment for watering, loppers, shovel, 
and of course shoes you don't mind getting dirty 🤣

So what are your some of your favorite gardening items you use often in your garden?

We have been getting soooo much rain and the ground is so soggy and saturated,
we actually have some standing water in the lower area's that just doesn't have 
anywhere to go (come on sunshine!🌞)
so I haven't been able to do much in the yard this week. 
In fact I actually went ahead and dug up 6 lavender plants that I recently planted 
because they do not like sitting in water and I knew they weren't going to be happy in the
soggy wet soil so I placed them in small pots that I added a little dry potting mix to and  I am trying my best to help them along until the ground dries up a bit.🤞

If you made it to the end of this lengthy post.. high five!  
I could talk garden talk a long time. lol.


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