Redesigning a Flowerbed & Making it Much Bigger

Hi there,  I thought I would share the process of how I
redesigned a flowerbed and made it much bigger.

This flowerbed has changed so much.
It started out very small and the scale of this flowerbed was just not right
for where it is placed in our yard.

Each year I have added to it or changed something about it,
and last year I overhauled it and actually doubled the size.

Which brings us to this year..
I have already increased the size by quite a bit at the beginning of Spring to include my
pink flowering dogwood tree which I relocated to this area.
It was in a spot that just got too much sun last year and I think it will be
much happier in this spot.

After that size transformation I decided I really wanted it much bigger.

I wanted to have it wrap clear around my blue spruce and include it in this
space as well.

Here is a general idea of how big I wanted to make it.

So using spray paint I just walked the space and marked where I wanted
the overall shape to be.

Then I got to work and removed all of the outline for the new flowerbed.
I stood back and looked at it from different angles and I was happy with
the size and how it was looking thus far, so I got to work
removing all the sod/weeds.

What a feeling of accomplishment!

It is so satisfying to see the new flowerbed space just waiting for plants and mulch.

I have learned over the years to make large curvy flower bed shapes to make it
much easier for maintaining the lawn.   The more we can get
closer to the edge with the lawn mower, the less that I have to
use the trimmer (aka: weed eater) to clean up around the edges.
I do a lot of edging and trimming every time we mow which can be quite
time consuming so I always keep that in mind when I create a new space for
the yard.

I know the design looks a little odd but I do have a plan in mind going forward for this
space.    If for some reason I change my mind I can simply just change the outline
of the flowerbed with a little more elbow grease.. :0)

Here is a look at what I have in mind as of now.

After several days due to a lot of rain, I was able to get back
in this flowerbed and mulch.

You'll probably notice how much larger the hollyhocks and sunflowers are in the photo with 
the mulch. :0)

I am loving this space.
I basically have planted one rose that I relocated from another area
in the yard hoping it will do ok being moved, 🤞
and now I am just trying to decide what I want to plant in this space.

I have some plants in mind that I would like to use if I can find them,
or I may just run across something while shopping that catches my eye.
It is a work in progress (as are all my flowerbeds) but I am loving it thus far.

I also made a Video of the process
 if you'd like to check that out!
(I think it probably shows much better detail of the process
and what I have in mind.)

You can see it here:

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Adjustable Rake: Here
Mulch: I used red mulch that I found locally

- TinaH


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