An Update to my Tall Solar Lights Post from 2013!

Hi there,
  If you have been following along then you know I recently put in a new patio space with pavers, as well as a flowerbed area and have been working on that garden space in my yard.

  I had noticed that my DIY tall solar lights post from 2013, was still getting quite a few saves on Pinterest and wanted to make some for my new patio space so I thought it was the perfect time to make a short video of the DIY project and update the blog post at the same time.  Win, win.

Hope you enjoy this really quick, and super simple.. (and very inexpensive) project. :0)

            (and here for another idea: I just layered some different heights of solar lights in a planter by cutting dowel rods to the sizes I wanted)

- TinaH

Pink Camo BallCap: Found here
1/2" x 36" dowel rods (can find them here if can't find them locally)
Solar Lights
Black Spray Paint

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