Grocery Haul and KETO Meal Plan (6/4/2019)

I thought I would share my Grocery Haul and KETO Meal Plan for this week.
It is a general plan that I most likely won't stick to 100% but I find that I do
better when I at least have a general plan.

(corresponding video)

We went and spent the weekend visiting our kids and they have a large Aldi's store
in their town so we decided to stop in there and get a few things before we came home.

*Our kids both attended college in the same town, (different colleges).. and have stayed
in that town. :0)

Here is what we picked up at Aldi's..

Eggs were on sale for 59 cents so we got 4 of those, Vidalia onions, pork rinds to try and I thought my husband might like them, 2 packages of zucchini, a package of yellow squash, cream cheese, lunchmeat, a couple different cheeses, blueberries and strawberries, pork sausage, mixed bell peppers, organic marinara, avocado oil (organic), pickles, jalapeƱo's, unsweetened organic almond milk.    We spent around 50.00 there, which I thought was pretty good.    I am curious how that
compares to the stores near you, I know prices can vary so much it seems like.

I didn't get everything there because of the longer drive home, so I went to a local store to get the
rest of the items we needed for the week.  (ground beef, chicken breast tenderloins, beef smoked sausage etc.).

Here is a look at my general Meal Plan for our week.

-Eggs Muffin Style
-Keto Waffles
-Sausage w/ Keto Biscuits/Keto Gravy
-Eggs or Leftovers x 2

-Taco Salad
-Salad with Chicken (roasted/grilled)
-Zoodles (zucchini noodles w/ some marinara)
-Wraps w/ low carb tortilla shells
-Pita Pizza (low carb)
-Leftovers (x2)

-Taco Salad
-Keto Chili (with beef hotdogs as an option)
-Grilled chicken w/ salad
-Burgers (no bun) with salad
-Beef Sausage/Veggie Meal
-Leftovers (x2)

I probably won't stick to it 100%, but I like having a general plan in place.. I feel like
it helps to be more successful with eating this way.     I also try to buy organic
as much as possible, and do not plan on having hotdogs etc. very often this is just
what I came up with for this week. :0)

Also for snacks, we have hard boiled eggs, pickles, a few berries here and there etc.

I also picked up a few of these to try out..

It is a zero calorie soda, I have seen it talked about in Keto groups and while I had tried
it quite some time ago I decided to try it again and picked out a few different flavors to try:
 grape, ginger root beer, and lemon lime twist.

I actually like the grape more than I thought I would and I would buy it again.
I think I will be trying the lemon lime twist next. :0)

What are some of your favorite keto snacks? recipes?

- TinaH

I actually made a video that goes along with this blog post if you'd like to check that out. (Here)

 Zevia (zero carb/calorie soda that I mention in the video) if you don't have it available locally and want to check it out, it can be found here 

              One of my favorite Keto Cookbooks (30 minutes) found here

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