Garden Tour July 2019

I thought I would share a bit of a tour around my garden with you today!
It will mostly be focused on the backyard because I am working on a project in the front
that I am not quite ready to share.. but I hope you enjoy seeing different photo's
around the yard and how my plants are doing this time of year!

It will be fun to look back at and see the progress! :0)

These beauties are up on my back deck.. which is the door mostly used and so how can you not love seeing these every day! Beautiful supertunia's.. (purple is supertunia bordeaux, pink are supertunia vista bubblegum and both of these plants are certainly impressive in my opinion)

This space is mostly new this year.. the flowerbed along the back of the house, the paver patio, as well as the flowerbed beside it.. all new and I am loving how this space is evolving.

Across from the new space is this planting area next to my small shed and it is a fun space that I am
still figuring out.. trying out some different plants to see how they do.

and after the sun comes out.. my solar fountain water feature goes to work!  (love)

My first sunflower to bloom this year.. it's a beauty!

love these boy and girl statues.. just so stinking cute!

My vegetable garden is doing so well, and I plan to expand this space next year and hope to double the size.    I still have to figure out a better way to stake my tomatoes.. any suggestions? What works for you?

My planters on my rustic fence are doing so well, I am really happy with how they are doing and so far have been easy care.. just keeping up with watering and fertilizing them.

I kind of wish I would have picked a brighter color because these just don't stand out as much as the brighter ones that I used last year but I am still super happy with them and these plants are certainly easier to care for. (no deadheading required!) :0)

How is your garden doing so far this year?
I am so happy ours is doing so well considering all the rain that we have had.. a few plants have struggled due to getting too much water but overall in the big picture of our garden space, they are doing well and that is kind of how gardening goes, so just enjoying all the benefits and hoping the ones that weren't too thrilled about the extra water bounce back. :0)

 Have a great weekend!

- TinaH

Solar Fountain: can find it here
Hanging Planters: Found Here

(also here is a corresponding video mini tour of my garden if you'd like to check it out!)

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