July Favorites / Items from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & a Personal Goal 2019

As the month of July is coming to an end I thought I would share some of my
July Favorites with you today!

July is my birthday month.. so I will start there! :0)

We went on a trip to go spend time with our kids, went out to eat at one of our favorite
restaurants, and had the best time!
 Besides that.. on my birthday my husband surprised me at lunch
with a 'bday cake'.. some hostess cupcakes that he put candles in. lol.
 So fun..💕

Next up I have been searching for a water bottle.. because I am working on drinking
more water. (the struggle is real ya'll!) :0)

My main requirement is that the lid/straw/spout or whatever you drink out of has
a covered option.   Which can be hard to find.
I wanted a water bottle that I felt like I could take outside with me while I work in the yard
(and not get yuck) and so I definitely wanted it to have a covered drinking area.

I thought it would also help in making it a habit.. so that if I have one that I can
carry around the yard, as well as room to room, and when I go to town that
I'll reach for it instead of grabbing something while out and about.
That is my plan at least. lol.

Finally found one!

It has what is called an 'auto spout', so there is a button you push and the spout pops up,
and you simply push it back down and it is covered.  There is a lock you can push so you don't
accidentally open the spout if it's in a bag or whatever, and leak proof.  Also has a clip option if you need to attach it to something.   So far I am really liking it!

Next up I got my items from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and can I just say..
I am so happy I followed the recommendations (top picks from others)
and chose to give this loungewear a try.
The joggers are soooo cozy/comfy!! (to the extreme!)
(I got the size Small in joggers/Medium in top but could've went with Small)

I really like the barefoot dreams cardigan and socks I got as well!
So Soft, I got the gray set in the socks and the oversized cardi in the shade
beach rock which is a pretty greige/taupe shade.

I was also able to get the Anastasia brow pencil with brow gel duo which was a great buy.
(my favorite brow pencil)

A couple more favorites that I didn't end up putting in my youtube video are Zevia and
the inexpensive tee's by universal threads. (found at target)

I am certainly working on drinking more water, and cutting back on coffee..
(and actually doing much better since purchasing the water bottle)
but something that I like to have once in a while is zevia.
If you haven't heard of it and are a fan of soda but want to do a low carb lifestyle
it may be worth taking a look at/trying.
It is a zero calorie/zero carb soda.. sweetened with stevia leaf extract
so it has carbonation and kind of feels like
drinking a soda as a treat.
There are several flavors, but these are my fave so far out of the ones that I have tried.
Especially the grape. :0)
Which is kind of funny because I never really use to drink grape pop.

It isn't something I keep on hand, they aren't something that is readily available in our area,
I actually buy them at natural grocers when we visit our kids
but I did see that Target had a couple flavors (just not the ones I wanted), Sprouts
also carries them, and they are available at Amazon as well.  
Natural Grocers actually had individual ones available to buy so I just purchased
several single cans until I knew which ones I liked and wanted to buy again.
There were a couple that were eh.. ok but I prefer these so far.  I need to try a few
more flavors next time.
They certainly aren't the same as regular soda,
but definitely a good alternative in my personal opinion. 😉

This tee should definitely be on my favorites list.
I really like these for a basic and inexpensive tee.  They had a really good sale on
them this month and I finally got my camo one, (seems like it is always sold out)
and I also picked up the navy.
However, even if they aren't on sale the regular price is $8.00 so they
are certainly worth that in my opinion. lol. 

Another July Fave would have to be my garden:

It has supplied us with lots of tomatoes for canning salsa, squash for several different recipes as well, and I have been able to grab an onion when I want one for a recipe.. plus it is just
 such a pretty space too. 😜

What are some of your July Favorites?
Can you believe it is almost August.. which basically means practically Thanksgiving and that Christmas is like a blink of an eye away?

July Fave Details:

Water Bottle: Found Here
Anastasia Brow Pencil: (duo sold out) can find pencil: Here
Camo Tee (Target store) or Here
Solid Colored Tee's (target store) or Here
Loungewear (Joggers):  Found Here
Loungewear (shorts): Found Here
Loungewear (Top):  Found Here
Barefoot Dreams Cardigan: (50% off) Found Here
Barefoot Dreams Socks (sold out)  another option: here
Zevia (Black Cherry) found here
Zevia (Grape) Found Here

Corresponding YouTube Video sharing my fave's

 can be viewed Here.

Have a blessed day!
- Tina

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