Save Vs. Splurge - Master Bedroom Refresh

I have been debating on what I want to do to change up our Master Bedroom and
thought it would be fun to see what items that I could find
and put together a save vs. splurge post.  I am challenging myself to find similar items
as I search while thinking about ways to refresh the room.

I already have a comforter that I purchased on sale some time ago, but haven't gotten it out of the package yet to use it.   I was thinking I may use it at the end of the bed as a decorative accent instead of covering the entire bed with it, but I am not sure yet.  If I decide to do something else I can use it
in the guest room.
Trying to figure out what I want to do in this room and so far I have mostly just been
in 'thinking about it mode'.

Here is a round up of what I found..

              Under $50                                           Over $50

I have been thinking about some wall mount lights for either side of the
bed and found these options:
                             Save option                                               Splurge option

Next I love good throws.. they can look casual, they can look classy, they
are a simple way to add color and texture, and of course they are nice to have
on a chilly morning.

Pom Pom style certainly adds a fun texture.

                        Save option                                                         Splurge option

We already have a storage bench and I think they are such a good functional item for extra
storage and can certainly hide the clutter, extra shoes, extra blankets.. etc.
So I looked to see what styles I could find.

                         Save option:                                                   Splurge option:

             Under $100                                       Over $100

Something else I have been thinking about is changing the furniture,
or at least the bed frame/headboard so I was searching the variety of
headboard options available:

                          Save option                                                               Splurge option:

                                                                                                                                                Save option:                                                         Splurge option:

I may end up doing a diy headboard.
Our daughter made one not long ago and I love how it turned out and I think it would be
perfect plus it was fairly inexpensive as well with a fun farmhouse look.

I have also been thinking about a fairly neutral rug, 
these are approx. 8' x 10' in size.

                          Save option:                                                            Splurge option:

Here are a couple nightstands that I ran across while searching:

                                   Save option                                              Splurge option

What is the first thing you would change in refreshing a bedroom?

My first thought is change the bedding, diy a headboard, and possibly change out
the nightstands.   I am really liking those wall mount lamps as well.
Hmm.. decisions, decisions.

We celebrated my birthday this weekend and had the best time.. took some time
off and went and visited our kids and went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants
and just had a good time.. making memories! 💕

Have a great Monday!
- TinaH

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