So Many Sales (and what I bought)

There are so many sales going on right now, 
and I keep hearing people mention Christmas shopping.
I am all for shopping early however I guess I haven't wrapped
my thinking around Christmas shopping already, but maybe I should. Lol. 

I am sure you have heard about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale by now,
do you like seeing all the great finds?
I personally like seeing what everyone picks as their favorite items and I tend to
like browsing around to see what I can find as well.

It looks like if you like cardigans then Nordstrom is a good place to shop
right now for fall while they are on sale.  Some really pretty ones.
(and at various price points)

I would say one of my favorite things I found in checking out the sale is actually a beauty item and
something that I use almost every single day so I definitely picked this duo up.

(If you like the Anastasia brow pencil & brow gel - for just a few more dollars over the reg. price of one of them ~ you get both! Yay!    I use both already so this was a great find for me!)

I also use the philosophy purity on a daily basis, and this set is a pretty good deal as well.

I think I must have been in a "lounge around mood" while shopping because loungewear
ended up in my cart and the other item I decided to pick up is by barefoot dreams,
I thought they looked comfy/cozy for "lounging" around the house (there is that word again) 😉
and the someday cooler weather.. and they just look so soft!
If you are familiar with barefoot dreams, you know what I mean.. soooo cozy!
I had never seen their socks before so I am hoping these do not disappoint.  

There are some great items in the sale..  however personally my budget has been going
elsewhere.. (*cough* uh hmm, to the garden 🌹 and new plants 🤣)
So I have been good at refraining, but there are several items that
certainly caught my eye and landed on my wish list.. Lol.

(the nordstrom anniversary sale is currently open to cardholders from July 12th-18th and then it is open to everyone on the 19th)

Other sales going on:

Target has a sale going on right now and
their universal thread tee's are something that I personally purchase and wear.
In my opinion they are great basics,  they wash well and they are a good price even
when they aren't on sale so a great time to pick those up and save a couple more dollars.
(for size reference, I wear a size small in these)

Another big sale you have probably heard mentioned is Prime Day at Amazon.
If you aren't a member of Amazon Prime, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial
to shop the sale.

Are you shopping for anything in particular at Amazon?

So far I have been debating getting another fire stick because I do have one and 
like to use it off/on and looks like now would be the time.

The Amazon Fire Stick (with Alexa voice remote) is at a great price!
  ($14.99, over 60% off)

They also have the 4K Fire Stick (with Alexa voice remote) for $24.99  (50% off).
The echo and Alexa devices are also at great sale prices. 

A few other things I have seen..
Instant Pot is always popular,  Bose Wireless Headphones (these have been on my wish list for a while),  they have some good sales on computers if you are in the market, and something I have seen talked about a lot is the ring video doorbell is in the sale.

Do you have the ring doorbell system and what are your thoughts? Worth the investment?

What sales have you have been shopping and what have you found?
Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  I really should get on that the more
I think about it. :0)

Have a blessed week!
- TinaH

(**In case you didn't see it, my Garden Tour Video is finally posted,  the internet just was not cooperating so it was posted later than I had planned,  You can see it Here!**)

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