The Root Beer Challenge and who won

We had the best time over the 4th of July Holiday.
Our kids both got to come home and we enjoyed Fireworks, Badminton, Volleyball,
video games, lots of good food, and we put on a root beer challenge. :0)

Most of us like Root Beer and I had seen someone mention having a root beer taste test so I decided to see what kinds of root beer we could find and do something similar.

We had other family members even looking for root beer in different stores, and it was fun seeing what we could find.
We ended up with 9 different kinds, which made it a little more difficult to try to figure out what
was what but it was so much fun and we had a lot of laughs.

I numbered each cup and I kept track which root beer was in what cup # in a notebook, and then made a simple paper for everyone to try to guess which root beer was in cup #1, cup #2 and so on.

Then we read them off at the end to see who picked what, and I let them know what was in them and they graded their papers as we went through the list..
Oh my, it was so funny.

Then they also picked their favorites as we went along.

I bought some scratch off lottery tickets for the winner that got the most correct.. but they
actually all tied!  What are the odds. Lol.
So everyone got tickets. 😆

If you are curious which root beer was picked as the favorite.. there were a couple different ones
that were top choice but the overall winner was A&W.
It had the most votes as a top pick overall.

There were also a couple that no one liked.. we even went back to them
to make sure they got a fair shake just because after tasting so many it made us wonder if that was a part of it,
but nope.. nobody liked them.  Lol.   

I think we are still in recoup mode trying to catch up on sleep.
Including my dogs.

However,  they kept up with their sleep schedule even during the loud rounds
of video games. Lol.

You may have noticed we didn't keep up with Keto over the holiday with all that root beer, :0)
but we are getting back to it.

We had the best time, it went by far too quickly!
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well.
I am trying to decide what kind of challenge to put together for the next gathering..
possibly darker colored pops. (or soda's)?

What do you call them where are you from, soda? pop? coke?

- TinaH

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