DIY Super Simple and Inexpensive Gallery Wall

If you follow me on Instagram then you saw a peek at my update in my craft room.
I am working on changing things up in there, and I decided it was time to change
the wall art.

I had several picture frames that were no longer being used and was trying to figure out what to
do with them.. and I decided to find some pretty scrapbook paper to frame and see how that looked.

So I picked out a couple of black and white patterns to use and simply cut the paper to fit.

Well that was about the easiest "DIY" ever.

So then I figured out how I was going to place them and simply hung them on the wall.

I did have one piece of artwork I wanted to use on this wall so I put it in the center as more of
a focal point and then worked around it.
I am loving how this turned out.

The Cow Painting is one that I actually did a while back and kept because I loved it so much.
I actually took a picture of this cow (and a few others for inspiration) when I was with my husband
checking cattle one evening, and I thought her moon shaped marking was so unique.
So she was actually my inspiration for this particular piece. I think it is so fun. :0)

You certainly don't have to have a focal point piece for a gallery wall like I did here,
nor do you have to be an artist.

All sorts of things can be mix & matched and used to create a fun and budget friendly gallery wall.
Photo's, Favorite Print, Mirrors, Baskets, and even a few super inexpensive picture frames.

You can use different shapes, sizes, colors, and I think mostly it is important to have some sort of
balance to it, but even more important to use what you like.
You are the one looking at it after all. 😉

(If you don't like the idea of putting so many holes in the wall, command hooks that are made for 
hanging picture frames or a hanging kit might a good option. (*affiliate links)
Then you can hang them and change them as you like and be able to remove the hooks
without any holes.)

I still have a lot of things I need to get done in this room.. I should definitely put the
konmari method to work as I de-clutter and choose what to keep and what to get rid of.

Anyone else think 'ugh, I spent such and such on that item,' and then it makes it harder to let it go.
I am working on getting over that though and trying to be ruthless about my declutter mission,
because I am really kind of fed up with 'stuff'. Lol.

- TinaH

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