Giving Grace While Shopping

So this is something that I have personally worked on more in recent

I had basically come to realize that more often than not, while shopping there would
be something that would catch my attention because I just really liked the item,
but I would find myself saying that is cute, but 
I wouldn't wear it or.. ____________ (fill in the blank). 

It's too this, or too that, or just too much 'out of my normal'..  and of course
the negative self talk:
no way that would look good on me,
would love the item on someone else, but just couldn't see myself
wearing it kind of thing.

Anyone else hard on themselves from time to time? 

So can I just say.. you may think of all the reasons why you wouldn't/couldn't pull it off..
but my hope is we start to recognize the negative self talk and switch gears.

If you really like it,
have the time, the item fits in your budget etc..  why not just try it on and then decide.
Or switch up your talk and tell yourself that you may just have to try that on one of these days.

That is definitely a much more positive note to leave it on.

If you decide to try it on, you may love it for all the reasons it caught your attention
on the hanger, or you may not like it all.
You may find that color really brings out your complexion,
or that style of top is flattering, or you may not like the feel of the fabric, etc.

Making the decision in a much more positive way..
because girl, you are fearfully and wonderfully made!

I am hopeful that by suggesting we rethink our self talk.. maybe we will all
take a little more notice when we go down that road. (myself included)
(and yes, even if it's while shopping) 😉

Whether we choose to try on something or not, really doesn't matter..
but let's just choose to like it or not like it without it being because of some sort of
negative reason we are placing onto ourselves.
(can be easier said than done, I know)

Choose to give yourself grace and kindness. 

We may not all be where we would like to be, we may want to work on certain area's
in our lives.. but that's ok,  no one is perfect, yet we are all beautiful.
 (Fearfully & Wonderfully Made!)

Grace & Kindness to you today!


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