Monday Motivation | DITL Cleaning & Trying out a wood cleaner

I hope that you had a great weekend..
mine honestly seemed like a pretty long one.

My fur-babies were having something going on Friday morning, so I got them in
to our Vet.   Our Veterinarian said the outdoors is like a Petri dish right now with
the weather we have had and they have been seeing a lot of stuff going on.

Even though they aren't outside very often they do like to check stuff out while
taking walks and all, so I spent the weekend keeping a closer watch over them,
changing up their food to a special diet, giving them their meds etc.
A lot of just hanging out.

(If you follow me on instagram you are probably already familiar with them, 
they end up in my stories from time to time) lol. 

They are both feeling so much better! (and I am thankful)

So I thought this was the perfect time for some """"Monday Motivation!""""
A major lack of sleep the past few days.. I know 
that I could certainly use it, and another cup of coffee or two or.. well, you get the idea. lol.

Let's get this week off to a great start!

I have been working on some deeper cleaning lately, from going through closets
and getting rid of clutter to the elbow grease kind of cleaning.
I decided to try out a 'new to me' wood cleaner and I am really happy with it so far.
Plus it is a nice switch from the Lemon scent we are all familiar with, 😉
nothing against lemon.
Sometimes it is just nice to not have that 'someone 
has been cleaning' kind of lemon smell. lol. 

   (the canvas print is actually one I had made from a photo our daughter took of our horses, 
and the horseshoes I have holding a candle are actually bookends that my son made me
 when he was in high school 💕)

I worked on the everyday cleaning,  used the wood cleaner to wipe down and dust several wood furniture pieces, swept/mopped the kitchen floor, deep cleaned the carpet,
and cleaned off/wiped down my computer desk.

(coffee cup rings! Ugh, anyone else have that at their desk fairly often..? lol)

I have had this carpet cleaner for 3 years now and have been very happy with it.
It is a beast.. and I wish it didn't take up so much space, but I just put it in the
spare room closet and that works and I think it does a really good job.

The wood cleaner I tried is almond scent.. and I don't really know how to describe
it except it is a nice light scent.  I feel like it did a good job and also left a nice light
shine on the furniture as well, which I have been noticing "the clean sheen" on the
furniture.   (if that makes sense) lol. 

I buy most of my cleaning products, laundry soap, etc.  from Grove Co.
I am trying to change to more natural products and while several of the products they carry
are available in stores, it just makes more sense and is more convenient for me to order

I purchased a spin mop a few months ago and seriously wonder why I waited so long to
get one.  I like that I can change the mop heads without having to replace anything
else, but I really like that it doesn't leave the floors soaking wet so they dry much faster,
and it is especially nice on the wood floors.

I feel like I got a lot done and can check a lot of things off my to do list.
I still have several things I want to get done but for right now I am going to focus on the positive and
all the things I did get accomplished.

Clean kitchen.. clean floors.. clean desk.. and quite a bit of furniture dusted!
I think I will let that soak in for a minute or two and enjoy the moment (and my coffee). lol.

I hope that this post gives some motivation to tackle the chores that are ahead of you today,
whatever they are - you got this!

And if you enjoy cleaning video's for motivation I am sharing my DITL Extreme Cleaning Video
 on my YouTube Channel.
Would love you to follow me there as well. 

I have also been working on a Amazon Favorites page which includes cleaning
items as well as other items for the home.   It can be seen here if interested.
(sharing some of my top picks that I have purchased/use, or have used)

Hope you have a great week!

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Grove Co. (where I buy cleaning products/laundry soap etc.): Here
(*If you are new to grove you get several FREE items with your first order)

Bissell Carpet Cleaner: Found Here
Wood Cleaner: Found Here 
Spin Mop: Found Here

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- TinaH


  1. Cleaning takes a lot of energy but it pays off in the end! Your place looks great. I highly recommend the purple Method cleaner. I've been buying it for a couple of years and it works great in the kitchen and bathroom, plus it doesn't streak glass! I also use the almond one you recommend. It's a pleasurable aroma instead of the lemon, as you say. :-)

    1. Thanks Anne! I really like the purple one as well. I am glad I tried the wood cleaner, the scent is hard to describe but its a good one. I am thinking about ordering the floor cleaning solution since I have been happy with all the products I have tried so far, have you tried it? Have a great week!


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