My New Blog Design and New Features

Good Morning!

I thought I would take a minute to let you know I have been working on a new blog
design and changing things up,
so if you have seen a few hiccups here and there.. that is why. 😉

I have had to figure out a few things.. learning as I go. lol.

I am really liking the new design,  I think you will find it a little more fun
to navigate through.  

One example of something new is,
I have been working on placing diy projects into different categories.
So if you hover over the DIY tab with your cursor at the top of my site,
a drop down box will appear with the different categories.
(example below)

Categories such as DIY-Indoors, DIY-Outdoors, DIY-Christmas..   and
when you click on one of the categories, it will bring up those particular
projects in a grid pattern, which I think is much more interesting and it's
nice to see what the post is all about at a glance.

Here is an example of DIY-Christmas:

I have been working on getting things a little more streamlined
and of course it is taking a little time going back through posts to see
if they belong in a certain category.

Something else that I have added a Shop My Instagram page..
it is located in the drop down "Shop" tab.

I think that is a fun one, it shows my instagram photo's that items were linked to,
so if something sparked interest it is easy to go there to check out the item

If you click the shop my instagram page it will bring up
a page like this:

And if you wanted to see more about what a certain item is,
you can click the photo and it will open with the product links below it. 
(example below.)

That makes it so much easier to check something out whether it is a home decor item,
clothing, a beauty product I shared, something from a diy project etc..
easy peasy.

I will be continuing to work on getting blog posts where they need to go,
and so on but I wanted to go ahead and share a quick look at some of the
new features on my site.

I hope you enjoy the new design,
and have a great weekend!

- Tina

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