My Simple Morning Makeup Routine / Over 40 - 5 Minute Face & How I use concealer

Good Morning!

I thought I would share My Simple Morning Makeup Routine with you today!
It is my go to, get it done quick, out the door, 5 Minute Face, just about everyday
kind of look.

And if you would like to add a little brightness or some simple highlights to your face,
I share how I do this using concealers.

Now that I am in my 40's I tend to avoid the glitter options. 😉
Although I do like the sheen that some highlighters can offer and do use them
from time to time.. I leave the glitter ones alone for the most part, (lol)
and have found that concealers work very well for the look I am going for.

I certainly pay more attention to my skin care and makeup now than I ever did before..
oh, that we could tell our younger selves the importance of skincare/sunscreen etc.
Of course that would probably be on a long list of things we would tell our younger
selves.. am I right? :0)

I went ahead and made a video to correspond with this post, which shows much better how I
apply my 5 minute face than I could ever do in photo's.
                                             Check out my Makeup Routine Here.
(or click on the video link below to play it)

(and if you aren't already, I would love it if you'd follow me on my new youtube channel)

I use a variety of products and brands..
some are quite inexpensive and friendly on the budget.
(which is always nice)

I will list the products that I used in the video below in case you would like to check any of the
products out further when you are out and about.

I will also include links if I can find them in case you like to check things out online.

I do use eyeliner and eyeshadow but they are not really apart of my everyday simplified routine.
I also like to change things up with blush, lip color, etc.

Right now I am using this foundation or this one that has a much higher SPF,
and I tend to go back and forth between the 2.

However, I am always ready to try out a new one.

Item Details:
(*affiliate links)

Would love to know, what is your favorite foundation?
Do you go back and forth or strictly stay with one.

- Tina

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