Sharing My New Flowerbed // DIY start to almost finished

If you follow my blog you may remember that I had mentioned my plan for
wanting to create another flowerbed in the front yard and I finally got to it.

So I am sharing my brand new flowerbed with you today and the process of making it.
"start to almost finished.. because it will probably always be a work in progress." lol.

Here is a reminder photo of what I wanted to do.

This is the view from our front deck, and I wanted to create another flowerbed to the right to
add to that side of the yard.

I made up my mind to get to work on it, so I went out bright and early in the morning and got started.. I was hoping to get as much done as possible before it got too hot. 

After a couple hours of digging and hauling dirt I had my basic shape figured out, took a
water break, and spent some time debating the design.
I walked around the yard and looked at it from all angles so I could really make up my mind on the design, and I knew I wanted to make it bigger.

So I kept changing the size until I was happy with it.

Then I eventually added my landscape fabric, mulch, and also used edging because I needed some sort of edging for the flowerbed.
I just went with the black plastic which certainly isn't the prettiest option, but it was an inexpensive option so that is what I went with for now.  I hope to change that out sometime but for now it works.

I show this in the video but I have basically figured out I really need to add landscape fabric and some edging of some sort due to the weeds we have that creep in from the sides.
 (even if I edge it every few days) 

In fact I will be giving the other (bigger) flowerbed an overhaul as the older part of the flowerbed the fabric has seen better days and the new part I didn't use it at all to see how it did and I really wish I would've.    It definitely helps with maintenance (at least in my yard).

So after mulch, finishing the edging and finding some pretty plants to use in this space..
here is my new flowerbed!

Keep in mind this time of year a lot of plants are not the prettiest in their nursery cans. :0)
I have to use my imagination on how these plants will look next year and after some time because their just isn't much color going on right now.

The butterfly bush is blooming but it is so small that you don't really notice it.

The Rose mallow has pretty foliage and several buds so I hope to see the flowers soon on this one!

The spruce is just a fun little evergreen that I moved from another spot in the yard because I thought it would fit perfectly in this space and add more winter interest.

Here is a better look at the plants that I chose to use.. so far. 😉

I used: a Pink Butterfly Bush, Rose Mallow (type of hibiscus), Red Twigged Dogwood, 3 Guara (pink), 2 bee balm, a Dwarf Norway Spruce, and a Sand Plum Cherry Tree for the dark foliage.

I am debating moving the dogwood.. it has pretty winter interest with red branches but it does get
on the large side so I am thinking I may want something different there.. decisions, decisions.

It is a work in progress for sure and I do plan to add in some other perennials for more color.. just have to make up my mind on what and it may have to wait til next year as late as it is in the season.

  I do think it needs some color now though so I think I will pop in a few annuals to add a little something to it. :0)

I am so glad I finally got to work on that project and happy with how it is looking so far!
I think it adds some balance to this side of the yard.. however I feel like there are several
things I need to do in the yard.. never-ending list of want to do's. lol.

What are you thoughts on the dogwood?  Should I leave it or move it to another spot 
and put something else there.. any suggestions?

If you'd like to check out the video of the flowerbed being made, planted etc.. 
It is up on my YouTube Channel Here and 
I would love it if you followed me there as well.

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- TinaH

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