Update to the Living Room | Curtains

I have been working on different area's in our home on and off
and thought I would share an update to our living room.

I chose to paint it a shade of light gray, and wanted to get new curtains as well.

After searching curtain options online at several different stores,
I finally found some that I liked, that also had good reviews, and that
were budget friendly.

Choosing curtains actually took me longer than choosing the paint color. lol.

They are a pretty textured gray with a white botanical type print.

I pretty much had my fingers crossed that I would like them when they arrived as much as I did
I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I really do like them.

They add such a fun touch to the room but are still very much a neutral and I feel like they go perfectly in our space.

I just recently put 2 taller bookshelves on either side of the entertainment area.    I like the extra storage and decorating options they offer as well the balance that it provides, but at this point I am still undecided if I am leaving them or not so I am going to let it stay that way for now until I make up my mind.   I want our space to be comfortable, cozy, and be able to display favorite things but
at the same time I don't want a space to feel overly crowded either if ya know what I mean.

I feel like I am kind of over 'stuff' being all over. Lol.

I ended up ordering 2 valances and 4 panels for this double window.  I wasn't completely sure
if that would be too many, but it ended up working out.

I  also bought a longer size than I really needed. At first I was tying them up on the side so
they actually hit the floor perfectly, but I have since come to the conclusion I like them better hanging straight.
It actually makes the room feel bigger to me.
So now I am debating if I want to hem them so they just brush the floor or just leave them the way they are and let them puddle on the floor.
(hmm, what do you think?)

This room is certainly a work in progress and I am still debating what else I want to do in here,
but I am liking the direction it is going so far.

I feel like the paint color has a slight blue hue at times which isn't exactly what I was going for.
(not quite as much as it looks like it does in the above photo, although Miss Gracie doesn't seem to mind it.. just snoozing on the couch)

However in person at certain times of the day I can see the blue undertones.
I still like the color but I almost want to repaint it.. not enough to do it anytime
soon mind you, but one of these days. 😉

So what do you think, would you hem the curtains or leave them?

- TinaH

In case you are interested in checking out these curtains for yourself, 
they are definitely budget friendly, 
have really good reviews, and they come in several colors.

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