Budget Friendly Fall Decor Round Up

I thought I would put together a budget friendly Fall Decor round up for those of us
that are still searching for a few items to add to our home for the fall season.

(a look at my fall decor from last year) 

I have my basic decor items that I like to use, (some a little more budget friendly than others)
but I also like to try to add in some new pieces each season.  
Whether it is some new fall florals or pretty fall ribbon, or a new pumpkin sculpture, etc.
I just like to add at least something new and different to change things up a bit.

I don't mind spending a little more on a piece if I know I will get a lot of use out it.
My vintage truck in the photo above is a good example of that, I actually decorate it for several seasons.   It goes well with my farmhouse style, and adorable at Christmas as well.

One thing I have been searching for this year to add to my fall decor
is pillow covers to add to the mix.

I think Pillow covers are such a simple way to add to your decor without having
to commit to having a bunch of extra items that will need storage space to keep
them nice the rest of the year.
I don't know about you but I don't have a ton of extra storage space to spare,
so I like the idea of adding in decor pieces that don't really require much of it.  lol.

So far these are some of my favorites I found!

 (*affiliate links)

These actually come in a set of 4.


but I really like these single pillow covers I ran across as well:

The truck would be cute and go well with my vintage metal truck, but that pumpkin
one is just a stunner! So pretty.

A table runner is another item that won't take up a lot of space to store all year..
and they do have some pretty fall options.
I think a person could actually find one that is neutral enough that it could work
at different times year round though if they wanted to.



A new rug or mat might be a fun addition.

I know layering is such a popular way to add to your entryway, and
I think this one would be a fun one to layer with.
(Y'all know I love my buffalo check) 😉


These might be fun options to use with it:
(looks like the sizes would work but always want to double check
with your entry etc.)

Adding a Fall Wreath or decorative piece on your door is 
another great way to add to your fall decor.
I know wreaths can certainly be pricey to buy, but you could always turn it into a
diy project..  something as simple as a grapevine wreath form
and add a pretty fall bow to it would add a fun festive touch to your entry without
having to cost a fortune.

(If you aren't comfortable making bows I saw this one that is fairly inexpensive
considering some ribbon can be pricey as well ~ and they had other options as well
in different price ranges)

Here is something else I ran across that I thought would be really cute for fall, and could
actually be used in place of a wreath.

I always pick up some inexpensive mums and pumpkins to add to my fall
decor outside.
However, this year I actually planted some pumpkins to use so I am excited
about that and hope to have several to decorate with!
(so far they are doing really well!)🤞

Here is a look at my fall porch decor from last year.

So I would love to know how you decorate for fall..

Do you go all out with fall decor inside and outside of your house,
or do you add a few simple touches here and there?  
What are the main places you decorate?

We have a busy weekend ahead, but hopefully it doesn't go by too quickly.

And on entirely different note,
for all of you that have been impacted
or are being impacted by hurricane dorian whether it is directly or indirectly..
please know you have certainly been in my thoughts and prayers! 🙏

Blessings to you,
 - Tina

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Image details:
My red metal truck was found here 
(I don't think red is currently available but 
they usually come back in stock every so often)
I love decorating with it for the different seasons.. so fun and versatile to change it up!
Wood candlesticks:  similar here
Buffalo Check Throw:(indoor/outdoor) found here
Welcome rug: purchased at hobby lobby last year 

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