Cleaning and Organizing my Vintage Makeup Vanity

This is something that has been needing a refresh for a while..
quite a while actually, and I finally decided to just get it done!

After I made up my mind that I was going to finally get my makeup vanity back in order it was actually evening when I started tackling this project so it was pretty late before I got it all done.
(so a lot of the pictures were taken after dark if they look like they need some lighting.. lol)

I made up my mind I was going through every drawer and organizer and going to toss stuff,
and wipe everything down, and just get it organized!

I took everything out of each drawer, one at a time and cleaned them out using my
method antibacterial spray and then I went through the items and placed them back into the drawers.

I have mentioned this before but I buy almost all my cleaning products from Grove Co.
because it works well for us and it has certainly helped me in my endeavor to switch over our cleaning supplies to less harsh chemicals.

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To help in organizing the drawers I used small plastic bins as well as mason jars.

I also gathered up my nail polish that was here and there, went through all of that and got it

It actually stays on a shelf (uh spice rack), under my vanity on the wall..
out of the way but nearby! 😜

I cleaned out my organizers as well, and wiped them all down.
Then got them back in order.

I was able to get rid of a lot of stuff, and seriously I could get rid of a lot more.
I am thinking I need to add this to my really need to konmari list.

For now I just wanted to get get it cleaned up and organized, and didn't spend a ton
of time  deciding on each item on whether I really wanted to keep it or not.. mostly
got rid of older items or things I knew I didn't want at a glance.

I am so happy with how it turned out.. it is nice to know I can check this off of my
to do list!

To see a lot more details on cleaning and organizing my makeup vanity 
(the real life before pictures and during the process)
please check out the corresponding video on my youtube channel.

You can see the video here!

(I would love it if you followed me there as well)

 - Tina

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