DIY Project - Updating a Dollar Tree Pumpkin | Farmhouse Fall Decor

I picked up some foam pumpkins at dollar tree to diy and I am going to work
on those today!

Changing them up to a farmhouse style look and adding in a little buffalo
check. 😉

So I started by removing the stem, and painting a light layer of white over the pumpkin.

I wanted orange to show through but I wanted to tone it down to a much softer and more muted
tone with a nod to the farmhouse style.

After I had the paint on I used a dry rag to wipe it down lightly,  and I liked
the finished look it gave to the pumpkin.

For the stem I chose to use a cinnamon stick.
So I put that in place of where I had removed the original stem, and hot glued
it in place at an angle.

Then I chose to add a buffalo check bow to the stem.
I used wired ribbon to tie a simple bow onto the base of the pumpkin stem and
then just cut the ends at a v shape to finish this project.

I am so pleased with the overall look now and happy to have another fun
farmhouse style fall piece to decorate with!

Such a simple diy and what a difference..
I may have to go get a few more of these.

 - Tina

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Buffalo Check Ribbon Found Here  
White acrylic paint  (can be purchased in craft stores etc.)
3" Cinnamon Sticks (can be found in craft stores etc.) 

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