DIY Scrap Wood Stacked Pumpkin updated with snowman | Fall and Winter Decor

I thought it would be fun if my DIY Scrap Wood Stacked Pumpkin could be used through the fall season as well as the winter season.. so I am going to update the back of my stacked pumpkin
design and turn it into a cute snowman!

Here is where this snowman will start..

I started by flipping over my stacked pumpkin design, and removing the ribbon off
of the stem.

Then I painted it white using acrylic paint and also added some black around the edges to add more depth and dimension to it.

Then I used a pencil to draw the eyes, mouth, and cute carrot nose.

Then I used acrylic paints to finish the whimsical snowman face.

I wanted to add to the 'hat' of my snowman so I looked through my scrap wood and found a
3/8" square piece of wood trim so I cut that to size and painted it black to use as the brim of
the snowman hat.

I also added some large buttons down the front of my snowman that I purchased on Amazon.
So cute!

I also chose to add a tiny jute bow, as well as a faux leaf to the hat.
I didn't want anything too big so that it wouldn't show on the pumpkin side, but I wanted
to dress it up a bit.

Then I simply used a piece of scrap buffalo plaid fabric as a scarf and tied it around
my snowman.    Every snowman needs a scarf! 😉

I am so happy with how it turned out, ya can't help but smile seeing this cute face looking at
you.. in fact I haven't turned it back to the pumpkin yet. lol.

Just a simple switch up from a ribbon on the pumpkin stem, to a scarf around the snowman's neck
and I have such a fun decorative piece for fall through winter.  Love it!

 - Tina

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