DIY Updating a Dollar Tree Find | Fall Decor Haul #2

I have been looking for new Fall decor pieces to add in to my own decor and
I have found some really fun pieces to add in that are budget friendly.

I have also been looking at pieces and thinking about how I could change them up
to suit my own taste more.. so that is what I am doing today!

I purchased a pumpkin sign at dollar tree and I am turning it into a diy project and
updating it.. and what a transformation it is!

Here is the before:

I really liked the size and the overall look but I wanted to change up the center 
chalkboard look portion.
(If by chance you aren't familiar with dollar tree, every item in the store is $1.00)

I started by taking a piece of scrapbook paper and a white charcoal pencil and
just making a line along where I wanted to cut out the shape so it would fit where
I wanted it to.

I just lifted the edge of the paper and using my finger marked where I needed to draw a line.
(this is shown much better in the video I made)

After I was done with my outline, I simply cut out my shape and checked to see if it fit.
It fit perfectly!

To add a more finished look I just went around the edge of my cutout with some black acrylic paint.

Then using modge podge I put a layer over the center portion as well as the back edges of my
cutout, then I smoothed it into place just using my fingers.

I chose to add some floral elements to my piece, so I just cut a few stems from a couple of floral
picks that I had picked up for fall and used my hot glue gun to put them in place.

Here is my finished project..

I hung it on my pantry door and I am loving it in my kitchen.. such a fun piece for fall!

I thought I would go ahead and share a few more of my Fall Decor Finds I have picked up
recently as well.

I found the buffalo check items at Walmart, I had actually just ran in to get a few things in the grocery section.. but the buffalo check caught my attention! 😬
The kitchen towels were .88 cents, and the placemats I also picked up were $1.96 each.

The burlap pumpkins, ceramic pumpkins,  mason jar Christmas ornaments, and large pumpkin sign that says Thankful and Blessed were all from dollar tree ($1 each).
The  smaller wood pumpkin that says 'Grateful' was from Dollar General. ($1)

This mug is so cute for fall/winter!

'It says Sweater Weather' with a fun speckled look and I am already using it!
(even if it is far from sweater weather so far) Lol.

They also had a couple other options as well.
One was orange in color and said 'mornin pumpkin', and one that was a deep Burgundy
shade and says 'happy fall'.  All were cute!
( These were found at Family Dollar: $2.00)

This pillow cover I picked out at Amazon..  it was around $7.00 and I think it is perfect for fall!
(not sure if price has changed since I purchased it)

I was impressed with it when it arrived, I like the weight of it and the bright
print is just adorable with the variety of colors of pumpkins..  so glad I got this one!

I hope you enjoyed the diy update to a simple dollar tree item and that it inspires you to think about how you could update something to make it more your style!

Have you updated any finds lately?


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Fall Truck Pillow Cover  / Buffalo Check Table runner

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