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Today is all about Meal Prep and Planning!
(Video is located here if you'd like to see how my day went in better detail)

Wanting to free up some extra time I decided to get some things done and ready to go in the fridge!

I got several veggies prepped and ready to go for salad as well as meals.

I made hardboiled eggs, as well as browned up 1 lb of sausage to use in my eggs muffin style, and
have extra for more breakfast options throughout the week.

I made a batch of my Eggs "muffin style" and got them ready to go for a quick grab and go
breakfast or snack.

 I cooked 2 lbs of ground beef with 2 coarsely chopped onions and divided it in half.
Half went in a container in the fridge for taco night.
 (we will use low carb tortilla shells)

The other half I used to make no bean chili.
Instead of beans, I use zucchini and yellow squash chopped up into chunks then I add in some chili
powder and jalapeño's.  I used a jar of my homemade salsa for my tomato base for my chili but you could use whatever tomato sauce you want. (just check the carb count on it, 
if you are watching your carbs)
We honestly like this chili better than the traditional bean style chili,
 so we would eat this way whether we are trying to watch our carbs or not. 😉

The next thing that I got ready to go for the week was some seasoned chicken for salads
or we can use it for quesadilla's if we decide to.
I really like having it ready to simply add it to a salad though.

I used some avocado oil and seasoned the chicken on both sides with greek seasoning, and that is all.  After it was fully cooked and had a little time to cool I cut it up and put it in a container in the fridge.. ready to go! (and flavorful)

I am so happy with all that I got done and feel like I definitely saved myself some time to do
other things.

I need to search for a few sweet treats that are low carb and are freezer friendly
to keep on hand as well.
If you have any favorites let me know!

Do you like to meal prep and plan ahead and what are some of your favorite things to make
ahead of time?

 - Tina

(If you'd like to see more meal prep/planning posts please let me know in the comments, and I did make a video of my meal prep day if you'd like to see my meal prep in better detail, I have it linked below!)

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Glass Storage Containers / Egg Container /  Greek Seasoning I use Zevia  (no calorie/no carb soda) 

one of my favorite keto cookbooks: Here

If you enjoy watching Meal Prep Video's or would like to see how I make myEggs 'Muffin Style'

  - you can view the video Here!

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