Simple CrockPot Meal | Roast and Veggies

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw how I make a roast
in my Instastories.

I was having a busy kind of day,
although in reality I think most days are busy, 
so maybe it was just an overly busy kind of day.. 😉
so I decided a crockpot supper was the way to get the day started.

At least I would have that checked off my to do list which was looking a little

So I thought I would go ahead and share this 'easy make' meal here as well.

It really is so simple, basically dump it all in, then go on about your day.

I just place my slow cooker liner into my crockpot, (saves a lot of clean up!)
then add my roast, a large bag of baby carrots, potatoes that I wash and peel,
2 onions quartered because I have a lot of onions from my garden I am working
on using, water to cover it all, (could use broth if you want to)
and a package of...

onion soup mix.

Set it and forget it.

I always get it going early in the morning and let it cook all day.. and of course it is nice
to know supper is ready and waiting on us!

So very simple and so good.
The onion soup mix really gives it such a good flavor!

(If you are unsure how long to cook with your slow cooker you can always google it for
your particular one. 
 For mine I generally cook on low for approx. 7-8 hours / or high for approx. 4-5 until roast is thoroughly cooked and fork tender)

I am so ready for fall weather, in fact I think since September is here it is officially
okay to start decorating for fall, and I went and got my decor dug out of the garage
so I will be working on that soon! 🍂

I love summer, but I am kind of over it and ready for the boots and hoodies season to show up.
I even switched my wax warmers over to pumpkin scented wax melts.
Bring on the pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon scents.. lol 😜

When do you start decorating for Fall or have you started yet?

 - Tina

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