CAMO Print | Save Vs. Splurge

I am a big fan of camo print, and I like to see what is available from time
to time to add to my wardrobe.
I usually lean towards the bargain shopper side of things, but
I certainly will spend more on certain items.

Since camo print is still a big trend there are a lot of options available,
so I thought it would be fun to shop around today and put together a save versus splurge
and see what I can find ~ Camo style!

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I have mentioned the camo (save version) tee before.
It is from Target and I really like these for a basic tee.
Love the camo, but they have solid colors as well and I have purchased several of them.
So if you need a basic Tshirt, I think they are good ones and easy on the budget.

Ya'll know by now I have a thing for ball caps, and I have several
including in different camo prints and colors.   (*affiliate links)

The pink/purple is a fun one and I have received several compliments
on it while out and about.


I really like this gray toned one I ran across though.
It may or may not have ended up in my cart. 

Another one of the Save items that I personally own are the sneakers.
I recently had seen a youtuber mention these sneakers so I decided to give them a try.
I had been wanting a pair of camo sneakers for quite some time, but the ones I had
my eye on seem to be sold out in my size every time I checked.

These were just under $10.00 and I am surprisingly happy with them.

Shoes are something I am definitely willing to spend more on so I didn't have
high expectations on these to be quite honest.. but overall I like them.

So I decided I needed to include them on the save side of things.


I wouldn't wear them to a zoo, or amusement park or on a day I knew I was going above
and beyond in getting my steps for the day.. lol, but I will definitely be sporting
them from time to time for the usual running around, grocery run, just want to
wear some cute shoes, kind of days.  😉
I have worn them a few times now and so far so good!

I have several camo print pieces in my wardrobe, and in several colors of camo..
but I do not have a pair of joggers in camo print.   I thought those were both cute options.

I did splurge last year and pick up these camo print faux leather leggings.
They are pricey in my opinion, but I think they are fun addition to my wardrobe.
Cute dressed up or down.

As a general rule I am willing to spend more on bags, shoes, and jeans.. however,
I do have inexpensive items in all of those categories as well.
There are other items I will splurge on from time to time as well if I know I will
get a lot of use out of it.

Are you a bargain shopper?
Do you have certain items you are willing to spend more on?

 - Tina

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