DIY Simple Fall Farmhouse Wreath 2019 | Wreath Idea #1

It was time for a new Fall wreath!

The one that I used on our back door last year had really faded from the sun and
it was definitely time for a new one.    
So I removed everything off of the wreath form that I had previously used and it was still in 
great shape, so I decided to go ahead and use it to make a new one 
with a nod to the Farmhouse style.   

I thought it would be fun if it went along with the interior style of our home
so that is what I am working on today!

I am reusing my 12" wreath form and then I am also using some floral picks that I picked up,
some buffalo check ribbon.. (if it's going to mimic the interior and all.. lol)
and then I am also using a metal 'harvest' sign that I found at dollar tree.

The harvest sign came in a package of 3 various signs that I thought would be
a fun addition to my craft room supplies, and the harvest one seemed pretty perfect
for my fall wreath!

So I started by cutting the floral picks apart so that I had all the pieces ready to use.

Using my hot glue gun I attached them onto one side of the wreath.

The next thing I did was make a bow using my buffalo check ribbon and
then I attached it to the bottom of the wreath.

(see the video - linked below - if you'd like to see how I made my bow)

The metal sign just didn't stand out to me, so I used some white acrylic paint
to dry brush a light layer over the sign.

I wanted the metal to show through so basically I was just
wanting to brighten up the sign a bit so it would be more noticeable on the wreath and not
blend in so much.

Then I attached the sign using hot glue and it was time to hang the
finished wreath on the door.

I am so happy with how it turned out, it was quite inexpensive to make
and it certainly goes well with our farmhouse style.   💙

I have more idea's for wreaths that I will sharing soon..  😉

It seems like wreaths placed on our back door only last a season since they are
placed in full sun.
So it is certainly nice when I am able to make them in a budget friendly way!

 - Tina

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Wreath: (I used 12" size for this one)
(probably less expensive at a craft store)

Metal Harvest sign was purchased at dollar tree

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