Giving my Closet a Refresh for the Fall Season

I wanted to give my closet a refresh for the Fall season as the temperatures have
started to drop.
I didn't have the time to do a thorough closet clean out which is what I really
need to do.. but I wanted to tackle it anyway so I just decided to do a quick version instead.

I went through the shoes, and found a couple pairs to get rid of.
A pair of boots and my slippers that my pup had a grand time chomping on
that I recently replaced with these:

I am really liking these so far!
(budget friendly too!)

Then I went through my clothes and looked for loose hangers that needed to be moved
where they belong, and to see if anything caught my eye that I just didn't really want

I was able to find several things to get rid of!

Usually when I clean my closet I take every single thing out, and go through
every item one at a time.  I usually try a lot of stuff on and usually end up with a lot
to give away etc.    So I definitely still need to do that when I have a little more time
to get it all done.   I usually do some deep cleaning then as well.

For now I did end up dusting some of the boots and cleaning off the shelves.
(We live in the country so dust is pretty much ongoing)

I am happy with what I got done in a short amount of time,
 and did end up freeing up a little space which is nice.

I don't really transition clothes in and out of my closet for the season,
that would certainly free up a lot of space it is just something I haven't really
done because I haven't really needed to up to this point.
It is certainly an option though.

I definitely need to find the time to go through my clothes much more thoroughly,
or ' konmari ' this closet because I know there are more items I could certainly
part with in this space when I have a little more time to get to it.

So I am curious how do you tackle your closet?

Do you transition clothes in and out of your closet for the season,
do you go through your items often, or remove something when you purchase
something new, or do you do a major clean out and go through everything
all at once every so often? (once a season/once a year?)

 - Tina

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