3 Farmhouse Christmas Ornament Idea's | Simple DIY

I decided to work in the craft room and come up with some fun farmhouse style
Christmas Ornaments using some inexpensive items from bottle brush tree's, to faux
snow, to some cute little red vintage trucks.

They turned out so cute!

For the first ornament I used a clear 'jar' look ornament that I picked up at dollar tree for $1.00,
some faux snow (also from dollar tree - $1), a miniature bottle brush tree (walmart $.86), ribbon,
and a JOY decal that I made.

I opened the ornament and cut the tree down to size.
Using hot glue I attached it in place inside the lid, added some faux snow then
replaced the lid.   I added my JOY decal to the outside as well as a red bow.

Such a fun and simple ornament.

For my next ornament..

I will be using the same style ornament from dollar tree, same faux snow, a vintage truck
gift tag that I picked up at walmart, and some vintage truck printed ribbon. (hobby lobby)

I knew I wanted the gift tags for some diy projects because I loved that vintage truck and
I thought it would be perfect inside this ornament.

So I placed the gift tag inside the ornament with some faux snow, and simple added
a bow to the top of my ornament.

Moving on to idea #3 I am staying with the vintage truck theme.. ya'll know I love that
red truck!

For this ornament I am using a round ornament that opens up in half, faux snow again, another
miniature bottle brush tree, some ribbon, and one of the little red vintage truck mini ornaments.

I opened the ornament and took the bottle brush tree out of the base with pliers and simply
hot glued it inside.  Then I hot glued one of the mini trucks to the tree, added some faux snow,
and closed the ornament.
I added a red ribbon hanger to the ornament as well as a buffalo plaid bow.

I LOVE how this turned out.. so cute on the tree or substantial enough to be in a display or
tucked into different area's of the house.

They all turned out so cute and I am think I need to pick up more of the clear ornaments
so I can make more of these.. so fun!

If you'd like to see each ornament made step by step I also made a video for my youtube channel
and I would love it if you checked it out!

Check out the Video HERE!

 - Tina

Item Details:
(*affiliate links)

Clear Ornaments that open: Found here
Jar look ornaments: dollar tree (or similar option here)
Buffalo Plaid Ribbon: Found Here
Truck Ribbon: Hobby Lobby
Bottle Brush Tree's: Walmart
Vintage truck mini ornaments: Walmart
Faux Snow: Dollar Tree 

Small JOY Vinyl Decal: available in my Etsy shop

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