DIY Christmas Wreath Challenge using 3 items from Dollar Tree

Today I am challenging myself to create a Christmas Wreath using 3 items from Dollar Tree.
So for $3.00 I am going to see what I can come up with.

(not including tax or the hot glue/wire that I will be using)

I chose a twig wreath form, a spool of burlap with holly print design ribbon, and a
Christmas ornament.

(if you are not familiar with dollar tree, each item costs $1.00)

Now I will be the first to admit I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out,
because the wreath form isn't exactly what I am use to purchasing.
It is rather small/thin but I thought it had some potential and I
wanted to stick to the budget friendly challenge.  I thought it would be
fun fun and if it was a total flop at least I wasn't out much money. 😉

I started by wrapping the ribbon around the wreath form from top to bottom and attached it using
hot glue.

Then I made a bow with the remaining ribbon and also attached it with hot glue at the bottom
of my wreath.

The next thing I did was remove the hanger from my Christmas ornament deer and
I placed it in the center of the wreath, securing it in place with hot glue as well.

I added a simple wire hanger to the back and for right around $3.00 I have a pretty
and festive Christmas wreath.

I could certainly see adding in some pretty greenery or pretty festive floral picks, and ramping this
wreath up a notch or two.. but there is something about having some decor pieces with a simplicity factor that I actually really like.

I love over the top wreaths and decorations, but sometimes having something simple
is enough in certain area's of the home and just fits the space even better and I am pleasantly
surprised by how much I like this simple, and super inexpensive wreath.

I hope you enjoyed this challenge project and if you'd like to check out the video I have it linked

 - Tina

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  1. Very cute. And wow $3.00. Looks great. No one would have thought it only costed $3.00


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