Setting up a Coffee and Hot Cocoa Bar

I am finally getting to this post,  a few days later than I had planned
but that is how it goes sometimes.

Sharing how I set up a drink station (aka: Coffee bar / Hot Cocoa bar.) 😉

Here is where our Coffee bar is going to go,
it isn't a very big space so I had to get creative to make everything fit.

Here is a look at what I picked up to go with our coffee bar. 

Quite a few things from decorations, to jars, to candy. lol.

One of the things I wanted to do was add in some mini choc chips and cinnamon
so I decorated jars with scrapbook paper
and labels that I made on my computer.

For the choc chips I used a parsley flakes container because it had larger holes,
and the container was almost empty so I added what was left into another one that I had.
It didn't work quite as well as I thought it would at letting the choc chips shake out,
so I used scissors to snip a couple of the holes into a triangle shape and then it worked great!

(better shown in my video - forgot to take pics!)

I placed apple cider, hot cocoa, and different tea packets into the cute tin that I bought at dollar tree.
I thought it was the perfect addition since it is decorated with coffee/cocoa cups.  

I put the chocolate candies and marshmallows into the jars that I got at dollar tree.
I labeled those as well. Lol.

The candy canes went into a decorative red buffalo plaid votive holder
that I bought at walmart in the Christmas section but I think it would be pretty year round.

And I also personalized the plain to go cups.
I made some with our names since I knew who was coming to our house
but this one just says coffee.
I think they turned out really cute.

After messing with the layout over and over, and over again,
I was finally pleased with it.

I ended up using a cake stand to give height to the cups and jars and then the decorative tin was able
to sit just under the edge of the cake stand so it didn't take up a lot of space.

Love how this came together.

Do you set up a coffee bar for the holidays?
What else do include?

 - Tina

             If you'd like to see how setting this up went, the video is on my youtube channel.

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