DIY Farmhouse Style Home Sign and Updating a Space

I have been trying to figure out what to do in a certain space in our living room.
I mentioned it in a previous video and I think I have it figured out!

I am sharing a diy project using a Dollar Tree Valentines Day item and turning it
into a farmhouse style sign as well as using some spring florals that I purchased,
and updating a tray with a fun farmhouse look!

So excited to share this one!
I hope you will consider watching the video to see it all come together
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Let's get to the projects..

I wanted to use this sign from dollar tree to change it up into a fun farmhouse style look.

I actually like the sign the way it is, and purchased several of them for diy projects but I will
be leaving one as is and using it as well.  So cute!

So I started by removing the hanger, as well as the metal heart.
I will be reusing the heart so I set that aside and started painting.

I used a couple of coats of white acrylic paint letting it dry well in between until I could no
longer see the red letters.

Then I used some black acrylic paint and lightly brushed it
along the edges and along the line indentions to give it more of a rustic
faux barn wood look.

I also chose to use jute string for my hanger, so I simply strung it through the existing holes
and tied a knot.

I wanted to add some buffalo check to my sign so I cut a piece of ribbon and placed it
just around the edges and hot glued it in place.

I also wanted to reuse to metal heart, so I hot glued it in the center of the ribbon.

I used my computer and my silhouette portrait to create some letters for my sign using adhesive vinyl.
I knew I wanted my sign to say Home,  (using the heart as my o) so I got those cutout and used
a farmhouse style font and put those in place onto my sign.

I thought about adding a bow, or some greenery but I changed my mind as I really liked the simple
look that it had.

The next thing I did for this space was purchase some spring faux flowers to use, so I simply put
those into a vase and the last thing I wanted to do was update this tray.

I purchased it on clearance after Christmas a year or so ago at walmart and I wanted to give it a
farmhouse style so using my silhouette again, I came up with a fun farmhouse theme design
and put that in place.

How fun!

I wanted to hang it on the wall, so thankfully there are ways to do that!
I purchased some command strips and following the directions I got it ready to hang on the wall.

I am loving it in this space!

Here is a look at the items altogether.
I am still fussing with it deciding how I want to decorate it, but I am really happy
with how it looks so far!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this space and the projects and if you'd like to check out the video I have
it linked below.

Have a great weekend!

 - Tina

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