Kitchen Declutter (part 1) and a New Shelf

I am working on decluttering and organizing and today I thought I would share
some of my Kitchen declutter with you.  
I also purchased a new shelf so I am rearranging furniture to see if it will work
in our living room or not. 😉

I wanted to start this task with the lower kitchen cabinets and get some contact paper to line the shelves.
After a trip to town I got to work.

I emptied the cabinets and wiped them down, then I added the contact paper to them.
And basically decluttered as I reorganized the shelves.

What a difference just getting rid of a few things can make.

I hadn't really planned on it but I also tackled my China Hutch and found a lot
of items to declutter in there.  

I really don't need to hold on to various product boxes, nor do we deep fry anything.
I don't need tons of spatula's, spoons, and utensils, or a variety of other items that
we had kept for some reason or another, and here is a look at the items I
have chose to get rid of.. so far.  😉

I feel like I am doing a much better job decluttering nowadays because I started this
process by defining what clutter is to me and what my goal is.

I know that can vary and be completely different to each person.
What clutter is to me might not be what clutter is to you, and vice versa.

I no longer want to organize our clutter.

For myself personally if we don't use it, don't love it, don't enjoy it, and it doesn't have
sentimental value of some sort.. then to me it is basically clutter and
it is time to move it out of our home.
I don't want to hang on to items for a what if we need that someday,
or just to hang on to it if that makes sense. lol.

To sum it up, I want to have items that have value to us and that we use, love, & enjoy.

So my advice for decluttering would be to define what clutter looks like to you and what your
goals are, and then go for it.  
Whether it is one cabinet, one drawer, or working on an entire room.

I am really happy with the progress that I am making so far and it is nice to have some
'breathing room' or open spaces in our cabinets and drawers.

While I was at town getting contact paper, the shelf that I purchased arrived so I thought I would share that with you as well.

It comes fully assembled and basically you take it out of the box, remove
the packaging, and unfold it.    Easy peasy!
While folded it has a slim profile so I think it could tuck into a closet or
possibly under a bed if not in use as well.

I have had one just like it for quite some time and have been using it for my printer etc. but I
recently moved it to the living room and wanted to replace the one in my office space.

This particular shelf has been sold out in the color combination I wanted, but I checked
again and saw that it was back in stock and on sale.. so of course that was an easy decision.

Here is what it looks like.
I chose the white/walnut option.

We had a lot of winter weather this weekend so was a perfect time to be indoors.
So I wanted to see what the shelf would look like in the living room along with
the other one flanking the television.

I really liked how it looked, but.. 
I just wasn't finding a spot that I liked the grandfather clock in.

Basically I spent a LOT of time rearranging
the furniture about a hundred different ways, couch and all..

Okay so maybe not a hundred, but it sure seemed like it and the 3 photo's above
are just a sampling of all the ways that I moved things around. lol.

(I am glad I took pictures along the way so that I can see what I liked and didn't like
about each setup.)

Eventually I ended up going with this and moved the new shelf to my office
space. lol.

If I do think of another spot to try out the clock I may be moving things again, but
for now I am really happy with how it all turned out.

I am currently in a decor evaluation of our home..  my style has certainly changed and I am
going through the house and seeing what works and what doesn't.
I want to change the star out on the wall when I decide what I want to go in that spot,
and I have a curio cabinet I will be updating soon as well.

For now I am keeping up with decluttering and working through the house one room at a time.
I definitely need to work on the pantry and spice cabinet, so I think that will be included
in part 2 of my kitchen declutter.  stay tuned.. :0)

 - Tina

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