Painting the Pantry / Organizing / and Free Printable

 I am sharing my Pantry Update with you today!

It was still a shade of tan from when I built the pantry and it was definitely time
for an update.

So I got to work.

Here is the before which was needing a little attention. 😉

So I got to work clearing it all out.
Including our small deep freeze which has a home inside our pantry.

I actually built our pantry with our deep freeze in mind and it has worked out

After I had it completely cleared out I got my favorite paintbrush and my pantry has
a fresh new look!

It was fairly late in the evening when I finished so I left everything overnight to be sure
the paint had plenty of time to dry.

Woke up to a large amount of stuff all over the countertops. lol.
If you follow me on Instagram then you saw a sneak peak of it all.

After having my coffee I got to work and started by putting my favorite canisters back in place.

I also used a lazy Susan for canned goods and condiments.. I think they work great in a small space!

I worked on putting everything back and tried adding a new shelf but didn't particularly like the
look of it, so I chose to try out these bins that I had purchased at dollar tree instead.

That worked out really well so I decided to dress them up a bit and make some labels.

I knew I wanted some sort of art work to go on the blank space behind the freezer so I made
a Kitchen Conversion Chart on my computer and reused a Frame that I had previously
used in a diy project at Christmas.

If you are interested in a printable like mine, I made it into a free printable and I will have
that linked below. (It is a pdf file)

I am loving how my pantry update turned out!

It is definitely more cohesive with the rest of the house and refreshing the organization just
made such a difference. I want to pick up more containers for our oats and a few other things
but I am so happy with the progress I have made so far. 💜

If you would like to see it in more detail I made a video that definitely shows it a lot better and
I would love it if you checked it out on my youtube channel.

 - Tina

                                   Corresponding video on my YouTube channel: here.

PRINTABLE: Kitchen Conversion Chart Free Printable (PDF Download) 

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