DIY Dollar Tree Item Update | Jewelry Storage

I have been working on several projects in our Master Bedroom to update it to
my current taste and in looking around I thought my dresser just had too much
stuff on the surface.

So I removed some of the items that I used for jewelry display/storage and designated some space
inside a dresser drawer.
Then I needed to come up with something to hold the jewelry.

So I will be using these signs that I picked up at dollar tree and giving them
a fun update!

I started by taking a piece of sandpaper and used it to lightly sand the glitter portions of the sign.
I wanted to remove some of raised glitter so that I would have a smoother surface for paint.

I chose to use a pretty aqua shade of acrylic paint and got to work.

I painted the front, as well as the outer and inner edges.

I didn't worry about painting the interior portion as I will be covering that in the end.

The next thing I did was measure the interior of sign #1.

This sign is going to become a ring holder, so I needed to figure out the width
for the interior portion of this project.

I had a few ideas but eventually decided to use cardstock for the interior and that will hold
some of my rings.

So I cut the paper and simply rolled it up.

(I found it was easier to roll the paper up by wrapping it around a pencil.)

I used my hot glue gun to secure the end of each paper roll.

Then I chose to wrap each paper tube in light grey felt.

I used 7 paper tubes and placed them seam side down inside the sign.

For the 2nd sign I wanted it to simply hold a variety of items.. a few bracelets, larger rings or earrings and so on.
So I simply cut a piece of felt to fit and placed it inside.

I am loving how they turned out!

I also found that they are easy to stack so that is going to be perfect!

For less than $3.50 I have some fun new jewelry storage options!
Extremely easy on the budget, functional, and so pretty!
Love those kind of projects! 

 - Tina

Corresponding video is located on my YouTube Channel HERE!

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Hot Glue Gun: purchased at Home Depot but also available HERE
St. Patricks Day Signs: Dollar Tree
Acrylic Paint "Aquamarine": Craft stores or  Here 
Light Grey felt: Craft stores

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