DIY Valentines Day Gift Basket Idea / Budget Friendly

Today I am sharing another Valentines Day DIY.
A fun gift basket idea.

This one is geared more towards young adults as I am going to be putting these
together for our children who are now in their 20's.. my, time flies!!!

However, these can easily be customized to whoever you are gifting to.. and I
think it is a fun one.  Who doesn't love a fun gift basket!

Here is a look at the items that I have picked up so far!
(I'm sure I will be adding a few more things) Lol.

I wanted to use something for the basket that I knew they could use later, so I picked up
2 of these wire baskets at dollar tree.

I used tissue paper as well as red paper shred inside the basket to give the items more height in
the basket and besides that it just looks nice. :0)

Then I placed the items inside the baskets and arranged them until I liked the overall appearance.

I also added in some hearts for extra decoration using my hot glue gun, as well as attached a
larger heart to the front of the basket with a ribbon so it can easily be removed.

I think they turned out so cute and I am looking forward to finishing them up and giving them to
our kids soon!
Seems like it was just Christmas and now Valentines Day is just around the corner.

If you'd like to see in better detail (with a couple tips) how I put these gift baskets together
I have the video up on my YouTube Channel.  

(video is also shown below)

Have a great weekend!

 - Tina

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