DIY Valentines Day Gift Idea - Garden Theme

We are getting more winter weather here so in wishful thinking I thought it would
be fun to put together a Valentines Day gift idea for someone that enjoys
gardening and is ready for spring to arrive like I am! 😉

This fun diy gift could be as elaborate as you want or as simple and I think it makes a fun gift
to give.

I picked up items at Dollar Tree and Walmart for this project.

To start I took apart a heart sign that I picked up at dollar tree as I only wanted to use one of the hearts.

Then I used my hot glue gun 💚 and placed it onto the side of my wood crate.

Then I added some white tissue paper and red paper shred.

Then it was time to fill it up.
So I started adding the items by starting with the bigger items first.

For the succulent I chose to use a pretty little teacup and saucer as a flower pot and I think it turned out great!

I used some table scatter hearts that I picked up at dollar tree as extra decorations by adding a little hot glue to them and putting them here and there.

Of course I had to fuss with it and move things around until I really liked it.

I think it turned out so cute!
What a fun gift and you could certainly add in so many things in a project like this:

Fresh Flowers
More Candy
Gift card to favorite garden center
Garden Gloves / Tools

and so much more..

What is something you would add?

I also have the corresponding video on my youtube channel if you'd like to see this project in better detail.  
                                       Can see the video here on my youtube channel.

 - Tina

Item Details:
(*affiliate links)

Hot Glue Gun: Home Depot also available HERE
Teacup/Saucer I had but can usually find several options at goodwill/thrift stores 
or at retail stores as well
Heart sign: dollar tree
potting mix / greenhouse kit: dollar tree
flower seed packets: dollar tree
wood crate: walmart
succulent: walmart

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