Farmhouse Style Furniture Makeover | Master Bedroom Update

I have another budget friendly Master Bedroom Update to share with you today!
I updated some of my furniture pieces to a pretty farmhouse style, and I love
how they turned out!

If you saw my video when I did my bed frame, I chose to update the side table as well as my
dresser basically the same way except I wanted the top of them to be a very dark color.

Here is a look at the "before" of my side table:

After sanding, painting, sanding some more, and some stain.. 

and here is a look at the before of my dresser..

and check out this after..

I absolutely love how they turned out!

Since I made a video of the process I thought that would be much easier to share all of the details
of how I changed this furniture up.
So if you'd like more detail of the process please check out the
corresponding video that I made, but I wanted to also share the before/after pictures with you
here on my blog.
I am still figuring out what else I want to do in this space but I
am really happy with the progress that I have been making so far! 💙

 (video it is located Here on my youtube channel)

Have a Wonderful week!

 - Tina

Corresponding Video is on my YouTube Channel Here!

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